CBC joins with Indigo Books in burying The Bible as the most important book of the decade.

Over at the CBC News Network, atop the banner reading “News Now”, the CBC informed us today as to the number one books of the decade as chosen imageby Indigo Books’ staff …of self-important liberals, or atheists, or something, apparently. 

The categories:  Fiction, Fiction for Young Adults, Biographies, Non-Fiction, Cooking, and a special category as chosen not by Indigo staff but by the most prolific readers on file as customers of Indigo, the Most Life-Changing book of the decade.  All the winners were displayed on the CBC’s taxpayer-paid prop table. Well almost all the winners.

As he laughed out loud, the Indigo representative, Bahram Olfati declared that the number one Life-Changing book, as chosen by their most prolific readers and customers, was (drum roll…) The Bible.  Even though she sounded surprised, the CBC anchor, Carol somebody, declared “Of course!”, much to my relief, as I reminded myself I was watching the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC which seems to me to be bent on being as anti-Christian as they can get away with.  I mean this could easily have gone bad, quickly.

But instead of displaying The Bible as he did with all the other winners, they naturally displayed one called The Book of Negroes in its place.  “My personal favorite for the decade was The Book of Negroes,” he informed us, as if his opinion was more important than any of Indigo’s most imageprolific readers, which was the whole point of the exercise, and who, once again, instructed him and us that their most life-changing book was not The Book of Negroes, but The Bible, instead.

Perhaps displaying The Bible on CBC was considered to be a “church and state” issue.  Wink.

Then almost as if I had to be reminded yet again that I was watching the CBC news channel, which is sort of the TV version of The Book Of Liberalism, in Indigo’s Non-Fiction category (reminder: that means fact-based), their in-house Indigo staff expert choice was of course (drum roll…) “God Is Not Great”, written by an abject God-hating atheist.  In essence (a term I use advisedly since the book stinks) it’s a book about mocking Christianity and all religions as idiotic, or worse than idiotic, in the rambling, angry opinion of one God-hating atheist.

Well at that, the surprising anchor rightly suggested, upon revealing Indigo’s Non-Fiction winner, “…although some people would say this does belong in FICTION!”.  And after the Indigo representative interrupted that not at all on-side suggestion with his protestation, “Debatable!  Debatable!”, she added, “Especially people who chose The Bible as their number one life-changing book!”

Well yes.

But back to The Book of Negroes, which was displayed in place of The Bible as the people’s choice, because, we were told by Bahram Olfati, that was his most life-changing book.  It’s much like any typical newscasting day in the liberal media, as we see over and over again.  What they think is the most important or life-changing (in this case) book of the decade, is, you see, you stupids, more important and more correct than what you think, manifestly because what you chose was The Bible. 

In any case, if they did display The Bible as they did the others, I have a suspicion they would have displayed it in the Fiction category.  So maybe this worked out for the best.

Here’s a link — via our Amazon.ca page — to the number one book, which is called The Bible.  This is one I personally own, which I only tell you because what I personally think is far more important than whatever idiotic thing you think.  (Snarf).


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