Dear Joel: do you think the Conservatives will cut funding to the CBC?


From: Bernie S
Sent: Friday, January 01, 2010 1:01 PM
Subject: CBC

Thanks for your work in exposing the CBC; do you think The CPC will ever cut funding?

I hit your tip jar a little , all the best to you in 2010.

Hey Bernie,

I want to thank you very much for your nice $25 contribution to ProudToBeCanadian.  I know how hard it is to cough up more cash after Christmas, so I really appreciate it. 

You asked in a subsequent email whether I thought the Conservatives would ever cut funding to the CBC.  So let me also thank you for the chuckles, Bernie. 

Aside from the embarrassment of their Defense Minister Peter MacKay and genius “strategist” Geoff Norguay suggesting (possibly on the CBC, no less) that we stop watching Fox News Channel on account imageimage of MacKay and Norquay getting the vapors, the Conservatives are on record as being strong supporters of the state-owned media, the CBC.  And even with that clearly socialist principle sticking out of their pants like a — well like anything sticking out of anyone’s pants — they still quixotically and almost risibly rationalize themselves as “conservatives” nonetheless. 

Naturally this is preposterous.  As a general rule, I personally deem anyone with anything sticking out of their pants as not being “conservatives” at all, but as someone about whom we should avert our eyes, and as someone simply in need of some sort of “repair”.  Or in the case of Svend Robinson, contact the authorities.

But nobody cares.  Certainly, the rest of the media don’t call them on this trouser-based incongruity, because the media themselves are dominated by leftist fake journalists and junior politicians often trained by Marxist professors in state-owned propaganda camps (they call them universities), who are sympathetic to what they think is the idyllic CBC;  and they idolize the very socialist and socialism-reliant structure of state-owned anything, imageparticularly state-owned and controlled “news” and “information” and “entertainment” media, please note the air quotes.  (Well they idolize that and what’s in their pants, of course.  As I always say, so much liberal and leftist philosophy and policies revolve around their orgasm).  And, sticking with the pants theme, the media wear those jeans that ride half-way down their ass, exposing way too much ass, such that we all want to kick them in their ass, but don’t because we’re Canadians, which apparently means we’re idiots and pushovers, and possibly ass-kissers, come what may.  God save the Queen.

And the Conservatives seem to be almost as slavish to popularity polls and the idiotic pop media as the Liberals and the other leftists and “progressives” are to their CBC and to what’s in their pants, etc.  So no, I really doubt it.  With a caveat.

The caveat is the people.  The Conservatives might possibly consider putting that thing back in their pants, if they get a clue.  As most liberals know, however, getting a clue is very, very tough.  Here’s how to provide a clue: 

1.  Enough people like us in the sensible set — which is to say normal Canadians — have to actually rise up, and I mean even beyond all the sheepish yipping and yapping like old ladies (and Canadian ladies at that) at a quaint tea party, and demand an end to big and increasingly big, nanny-state governments.  Ironically, you could call this a “tea party”.  For more information about tea parties (and also to note the additional media-driven irony), simply Google “Nazis” or “Right-Wing Nutbars” or the words “angry” or “paranoid idiots”, since this is how we are to be viewed according to the trusty media, and the left generally. 

2.  Ensure you are removed from the giant, silicone-stuffed and still growing government teat yourself, which means doing things you might not have thought of:  For example not supplanting your own movement by supporting those who actively support what’s wrong, i.e., socialism.  And those companies which support and sponsor the socialism-reliant CBC with their corporate advertising and participation (see my PUSH BACK list).  Their insane sort of corporate Stockholm Syndrome is, at best, incongruous with the precepts of capitalism and is clearly self-defeating.  But at worst, supporting socialism and state-owned, socialism-reliant media is counter-productive to our movement back to sanity, and the very notion of freedom and to the health of our nation as we now know it.  So much can be done by exercising your time-honored and scientifically-tested power as a free, free-market consumer, that I’m still amazed at how so many people don’t see the beauty of capitalism — and this proven, free-market, and free enterprise, and manifest freedom concept. 

3.  Demand an end to all that is entailed by that aforementioned big ugly silicone-filled and yet still growing teat, such as: more and more intrusions and meddling and control over our lives, and the incessant building of every “progressive’s” dream — a near total dependence on government and its teats and sub-teats, instead of relying on ourselves, and our families, and on God. 

4.  And of course actively demand an end to one of the absolutely vital ingredients to the socialist/totalitarian “progressive” philosophy, the liberals’ pernicious, massive and growing, state-owned and taxpayer-funded “news” and “entertainment” and “information” media, the CBC, which is federally protected by still other left-wing Soviet or Iranian-style bureaucracies like the liberals’ CRTC division, and which is given still other special regulatory advantages designed to further nurture and molly coddle them, all of which are bolstered by still other federal laws and policies and regulations, and all which effectively syndicate and compete against its own citizens and their citizen-owned media, even in a “free country”). Thank you. 

Then they might consider it.  But on their own?  No.  Unless possibly Ronald Reagan rises from the grave to take the helm of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Alas, this is not likely, according to sources.

Finally, I would recognize that the Conservative Party is largely controlled by liberals, and it has been infiltrated by far too many liberals, Fabian socialists, and of course useful idiots.  Take Scott Brison.  And Belinda Stronach.  And so many others inside that party that haven’t tried to take over the party holus bolus, and haven’t yet crossed the floor, that I’m actually going to start a new web site just to expose them.  (Send still more money, folks.)  So you might want to consider getting right into the pants of what is still the only viable organized political alternative, and then rather than giving them what they want, kick some ass, as it were.

And I hope you have a very happy new year too!

Joel Johannesen

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