“Progressive” Liberal Ignatieff: Fund abortions! But now an opposing “private option” comes along!

NatPo today picks up where I left off yesterdayFOLLOWUP from yesterday…

  I’m sure Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff is concerned about the health of pregnant mothers, and hope they have healthy babies… I mean if they want to have them… otherwise, you know, well I do understand the confusion here over the health of the baby.  But I think he will be pissed that private enterprise — citizen-owned companies — are competing against his vision — the progressive vision — of government, and are offering a sort of “private option”, if I could flip a phrase coined by socialists down south as part of their specious “health care” sales con job.

In juxtaposition to yesterday’s Ignatieff abortion news, today I read where some companies in the U.S. are joining forces and will sort of compete against what would be his even bigger-than-it-already-is nanny-state (irony!) government, and help preserve the life of babies.  As I mentioned yesterday, he would direct his government, just as he is demanding that Stephen Harper direct our government, to take care of the abortion needs of mothers the world over, and of course their unborn babies, which he feels may need the help of taxpayers and the government in getting aborted.  He would do this by, as he calls it, “investing” in the “reproductive health care” of pregnant women and their unborn babies who are apparently very quietly demanding that the “reproductive health care”, um, “choice” be chosen against them.  (As I always say, liberals always speak as though everyone in the room agrees with them, but this is ridiculous!)

This “private option” is somewhat different than his “progressive”, liberal, vision of taxpayer funding of abortions.  Let’s compare!


Healthy baby campaign uses texts to reach mothers

The Associated Press
Date: Thursday Feb. 4, 2010 8:57 AM ET

WASHINGTON — Expectant mothers in the U.S. are getting a new tool to help keep themselves and their babies healthy: pregnancy tips sent directly to their cell phones.

The so-called text4baby campaign is the first free, health education program in the U.S. to harness the reach of mobile phones, according to its sponsors, which include Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, WellPoint and CareFirst BlueCross and Blue Shield. Wireless carriers including AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have agreed to waive all fees for receiving the texts.

Organizers say texting is an effective means of delivering wellness tips because 90 percent of people in the U.S. have cell phones.

“Especially if you start talking about low-income people, cell phones are the indispensable tool for reaching them and engaging them about their health,” said Paul Meyer, president of Voxiva, a company which operates health texting programs in Africa, Latin America and India.

Studies in those countries have shown that periodic texts can reduce smoking and other unhealthy behaviors in pregnant mothers.

Meyer said the U.S. program, run by Voxiva, will be the largest health-related texting program ever undertaken.

Under the new service, mothers-to-be who text “BABY” to 511411 will receive weekly text messages, timed to their due date or their baby’s birth date. The messages, which have been vetted by government and nonprofit health experts, deal with nutrition, immunization and birth defect prevention, among other topics. The messages will continue through the baby’s first birthday.

Text4baby is expected to be announced Thursday morning by officials from the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy. Government officials will be publicizing the campaign in speeches and promotional materials. …

Yikes, huh?  These companies are actually helping pregnant mothers and their unborn babies maintain healthy happy pregnancies and deliveries and lives, instead of demanding abortion funding.  That ain’t liberal!  No, that’s kinda like the opposite.  And hell’s bells — these companies aren’t the government!  Unfair competition!  No wonder progressives and all liberals and leftists like Ignatieff want to ramp-up their control over corporations and the entire economy with their yummy regulations and meddling and ownership!  They are behaving incorrectly!  Now I see Hugo Chavez’s point!

As I mentioned here yesterday, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff nearly popped a gasket this week, rushing to stake his ground on abortion —and not just abortions in Canada which are already funded in a limitless fashion by taxpayers. He meant global abortions:  they too must be funded by Canadian taxpayers!  He made it priority one to ensure that no matter what else happens in the world, the babies of the world know that they can count on him.  Advocating for global abortion funding by the taxpayers of Canada is apparently one of the ways he makes a living, now that he’s been born. 

They may like this healthy baby program, and therefore they credit “the government”:

According to the socialism-reliant CBC News Network secretariat, it’s not private companies who are doing this at all whatsoever.  No.  They’re not even imageremotely involved.  It’s “The White House”.  Yes, that’s right.  It’s only “U.S. officials” who have launched the program.  The government.  No mention in their report of any corporate entities who are actually, as the CTV reports, running the program (to wit: ”…the U.S. program, run by Voxiva…”).  As the CTV story alludes, above, the federal government is participating by supporting the action by the companies.  The White House, for their small part, drew attention to the program this morning. 

Then the CBC did what the CBC always does:  the reporter declares, thanks to her crack investigative journalism, that alas, this may all be useless, because, “We ran this by a Canadian expert” the reporter intones, notably not naming the “Canadian expert” nor his field of “expertise” except to say that he’s an expert in “health care policy”.  Their unnamed “expert” proclaims that what’s really needed is, of course, more government.  ”[P]roper housing”, for example (read: taxpayer housing) for the pregnant women; and state programs to alleviate all the “poverty”.  That’s “the only way”, the unknown, unnamed CBC’s “expert” is reported to have said, to help low-income American mothers and their babies.  Once again, only the government —and increased government —can save us all.  Not just from cradle to grave, but pre-cradle, even.

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