CBC: Stock markets down on “EUROPEAN debt” worries. Yeah. Right.


For the CBC and most others in the Obama-kissing liberal media, the markets tanking this week has utterly nothing whatsoever to do with their progressive heroes in the U.S. Democratic Party, under the near total lack of leadership and growing economic chaos of President Barack Hussein Obama, who nearly all voted in goose-step fashion to increase the U.S. debt by another nearly TWO TRILLION dollars, to a new ceiling of 14.3 TRILLION dollars. 

This new U.S. debt is some of the biggest news in decades.  But it’s ignored.  It’s the “European” debt that investors are worried about.  Uh huh.

For liberals, the problem of debt is solved by borrowing more, and adding more to the debt.  This makes sense only to progressives, some of whom actually have ulterior — and I do mean nefarious — political motives. 

The CBC story doesn’t even mention this historic vote in the U.S. and its tragic consequences for America and the world including Europe, under Obama’s watch.  In fact it’s hard to find any good articles about the new American debt under Barack Obama, anywhere in Canada.  This is in stark contrast to the massive bashing and trashing that the media ensured President Bush took (and quite rightly) for his ineptness in reigning in spending, particularly in the latter days of his administration.

All Republicans voted against the insanity, apparently having learned a lesson being shouted at them by actual conservatives and the burgeoning tea party movement.  Even 37 Democrats voted against it.  Clearly, the entire investment community is voting against it all.

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