UPDATED: Left-wing Toronto mayoral candidate in sex scandal has ties to a certain federal party.

CBC writes up the story about the latest sex-scandalized, cheating politician, Adam Giambrone, as if it were the story of a baker dropping a cookie.  He has been accused of dropping trou, and having sex with a 20-year-old girl in his Toronto city hall office — on the couch (oh how yummy for the visitors!) — for the past while.  Today he admits only to “an inappropriate relationship with a young woman.”  In this case, “young” means “barely an adult”.  She was 19 when they first started “dating”.  But whatever.  This is the world of progressive Canada, where the motto is. “You’ll get used to it.”  Giambrone is still running for mayor of the Canadian liberal-left center of the known universe, Toronto Ontario, having loudly announced his candidacy just a week ago, over the thumps of blaring hip-hop music (because he’s so groovy, baby).  So he’ll probably get elected.  He’d be a shoo-in if his lover were a gay lover instead, I figure, and the CBC wouldn’t even mention this story.

But the CBC really should have mentioned his extremely close ties with the federal you’ve got to be kidding party, today.  I’m sure it would even be OK if they used the name “NDP” instead.  It is a politics story.  They don’t even bother to mention that he’s “left-wing” —you know, the way they would if he were even remotely not left-wing, in which case they might remind us 18 times that he’s alternately a “neo-conservative”, or “religious right”, or “far-right”, or “right-wing”, or “right of center” (which they’d spell centre) candidate.  If he were connected to the Conservative Party — or he were a Christian — they might also have a five-part series on their “Passionate Eye” program about the big story, which they’d of course keep promoting on CBC News Network. 

So in case it’s helpful to the CBC, they could have written, for example, “Adam Giambrone is a far-left politician with close ties to the federal NDP.  Moreover, he is the former National President of the New Democratic Party of Canada from 2001 – 2006.”  They could do this because it’s true, and it’s a politics story, and because the news media should inform people properly even if they find it uncomfortable and it doesn’t advance their agenda. 

Not mentioning party affiliation is pathological amongst liberal-left and further left media, but only when the subject is left-wing and they’re caught doing something unsavory (by which I mean unsavory only to the rest of us). For example, the left-wing Toronto Star, which covers the story more thoroughly, also doesn’t mention anything about his being left-wing or in any way connected to the NDP. 

There is no CBC.ca story today about New York Governor David Paterson (D), despite allegations apparently about to be released by the New York Times about that left-wing politician’s trist with another woman besides his wife.  When he became governor, Paterson admitted he had been unfaithful to his wife.  But apparently there’s more. 

Paterson, it should but won’t be noted, if the CBC and others ever get around to noting anything, took over after Democratic Party star Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned, which he did only after being caught red, err, handed, hanging out and having sex with with a slimy hooker.  The most recent article I could find about Democratic Governor David Paterson at the CBC was back in April 14, 2009:  “New York governor plans same-sex marriage bill — New York Gov. David Paterson plans to introduce legislation this week to legalize same-sex marriage in the state…”, in which the word Democratic appears four times in that short and apparently “good news” (to them) article. 

UPDATE Wed. Feb. 10, 8:34 AM PST

Adam Giambrone quits mayoralty race

Posted: February 10, 2010, 10:47 AM by Rob Roberts

TTC chair Adam Giambrone ended his mayoralty campaign this morning in a brief, confused appearance that left the actual announcement to a spokesman.

‘‘He will spend the next few days in private. His mayoralty campaign ends today,’’  Kevin Beaulieu, a Giambrone aide, told reporters.

Mr. Giambrone, who plans to stay on as TTC chair, himself made a brief sombre appearance, his eyes tinged with red, in which he apologized to his fellow councillors, city residents and his partner, but did not discuss the sex scandal engulfing his mayoralty bid, or reveal his plans for the future.

CBC.ca’s followup story is buried within their site and is only visible to web surfers by use of their search engine; and like the National Post story above, still makes no mention of this guy’s far-left politics, nor his extremely close relationship with the federal NDP.  Sort of ironically, I suppose in this way people could at least reliably make the assumption that he’s not in any way a “conservative”, since if he were, that word or words that the media commonly relate to it, like making references to unnamed sources deeming him to be a “Nazi” or “homophobe” or “racist” or “teabagger”, would be splashed all over the story.

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