MUST be federal budget time! CBC News refers to the (outright socialist) CCPA as “progressive”!

The official CBC News spin on the words of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ “Alternative Budget”, this morning, is “words of wisdom”.  Again, that’s “words of wisdom”

So far, two CBC News Network anchors, over two shifts, have referred to that socialist outfit’s “Alternative Budget” as “words of wisdom”.  Note that the CCPA is where the “alternative” is, as far as I can tell, and I’m honest: outright socialism  (but you know, shh!). 

So obviously the official CBC script —the agenda — is to parlay the socialists’ “Alternative Budget”, which the CCPA readily acknowledges includes massive increases in the federal budget deficit (right in the middle of a massive recession caused by massive, progressive-style, excessive borrowing and spending); even more massive CBC_Macneil_calls_CCPA_PROGRESSIVE_CCPA_and_with_WORDS_OF_WISDOMgovernment spending, which will of course lead to a still further increases in the size and scope of government, and even further increases in taxes — as “words of wisdom”

“As the Conservative government prepares its budget, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has some words of wisdom! [her emphasis on “wisdom”.]  It says Thursday’s budget should be all about jobs!  And the progressive [that word was barely audibly said] policy group has a warning for the government!”
—Carole MacNeil, CBC anchor

Note that anchor Suhana Meharchand, when she earlier reported this same story using what I’m sure was that exact same script, changed it only by leaving out the word “progressive”.  She simply referred to the far-left group as the CCPA —no political leaning attached whatsoever (they’re just plain normal!  Not socialist at all!).  The word “progressive” — which really should have been “socialist” — was only uttered by the later anchor, Carole MacNeil.  Maybe she has less seniority.

Then (in each case) the socialism-reliant CBC provides them with the free air time that the CCPA fully expected, in order to promote its far-left-wing, socialist platform.  This will be repeated over and over, all day long, until it sinks in:  “WORDS OF WISDOM”, folks, in juxtaposition to the stupid, stupid Conservatives’ words.

No word yet from the oh so far-right-wing, or the neocons or the right-wing so-called think tank, the Fraser Institute (which actually just stands for normal Canadian freedom and free markets), despite its repeated though unreported news releases and announcements about the need to restrain spending, lower taxes, and other sensible non-socialist things.  Same vis-a-vis the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and the, ugh, ever so far-right National Citizens Coalition and its sensible solutions). 


In the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC web site’s written version of this, which is nothing less than a free, taxpayer-funded PR-for-socialism pseudo-story, they describe the socialist outfit this way, thus getting themselves off the hook:  ”…the CCPA, which characterizes its policy stance as progressive.”  They nonetheless preface that by themselves calling the CCPA “the independent research group.” 

Huh.  “Independent”, and yet, as the CCPA itself admits in the very next paragraph, “progressive” —meaning exactly not independent.  To the far left, words like “independent” must mean anti-conservative, anti-capitalist, and ultimately socialist.

I think in the interest of honesty and transparency and respect for Canadians, so long as the CBC exists as a state-owned, socialism-reliant news and entertainment behemoth, the far-left CBC should be forced to continuously refer to themselves as “the CBC, which is far-left and anti-conservative and want you to be, too.”

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