CBC apoplectic that new Canada immigrant guide excludes big yellow highlighting of gay rights

I predict another upward surge in popularity for the Conservatives.

The new idiotic CBC headline this afternoon screams: “Gay rights section nixed for immigrants’ guide”, like we’re all supposed to say to ourselves Dear God! How could they do that to the world’s gays?!, and then the article goes on for about a thousand words about how the minister in charge also voted against gay “marriage” and one time, he appointed someone to a refugee board who was also in favor of traditional marriage.  Like that is or should be illegal or is self-evidently subject to our severe scorn and condemnation.  As if we must all, by law, believe what they — the progressive, far-left — believe.  Or be cast aside as a nut or a criminal.


Oh. My. God.  Gay rights section nixed. 

So, apparently were heterosexual’s rights.  No mention anywhere in the guide about the type of sex you’re allowed to have in Canada.  Can you imagine? How are folks from Kenya supposed to know?  And apparently black folks’ rights and Christians’ rights and laborers’ rights are also excluded.  Nope, no word about those either.

This sort of news story is part of a progressive process, as per Saul Alinsky and other progressives and Fabian socialists.  The agenda is to browbeat, marginalize, demonize — criminalize if possible —anyone who doesn’t subscribe to or even loudly endorse and publicly celebrate their left-wing claptrap.  They’ll set up and use/abuse so-called “Human Rights Commissions” and “Tribunals” to censor, publicly demonize, penalize, and even force those who don’t buy into their agenda force to publicly apologize for their written or spoken misdeeds to the “aggrieved”.  They seek to dismiss all right-thinking Canadians and institutions as evil louts, and they keep doing it over and over until those folks finally appear to be ridiculous and out of step with the yummy progressive, left-wing agenda. 

And all that’s fine, if it’s extremist left-wingers and commies who are doing it on their own time, on their own dime, and in their own left-wing and progressive blogs.  But this is from the state-owned CBC.  It’s the taxpayer-funded news media doing this to you.  In a news article.

This CBC article is an absolute disgrace.  THAT’S the real news story here.


A useful idiot CBC fan and commenter named FrankieV wrote this (and multiple CBC fans gave it the big “thumbs-up”), extolling some of that famous liberal-left, progressive tolerance, intelligence, and understanding, after reading the CBC’s news story:

Isn’t it illegal to bash gay rights?
Shouldn’t this KenneyMinister be ejected for his actions?
If the government still tolerates people like that to lead this country…”

Heil [to someone], FrankieV — am I right? 

But I like this one by ThomasAlexander, who wrote:

We need to add sections to the guide that says “Women are allowed to drive” and “Women are allowed to wear whatever the hell they want” and “Women are allowed to marry whomever they want” and … and … and…
Geesh, do we have to say everything? How about “we don’t generally eat cats & dogs in Canada” or “bribing police officers is frowned upon”

And as usual, I would like to point out the number of times the whole word “SHIT” is posted within the comments at the CBC numbers in the countless dozens.  It’s like the CBC loves it and by approving every use of it, works to actually promote its use in the every day vernacular, on the state-owned, taxpayer-funded web site.  Great national family-oriented web site you’ve got here, CBC.  Good family values at play here.  Let’s teach the children to be just like you.

Note the number of “thumbs-up” at the brilliant expression of nothing but the word “SHIT”, all in capital letters, to ensure we all know it’s their main point.

First reader comment read at the CTV.ca web site, which pitches the same angle as the CBC using the same Canadian Press story:

I fully support this move.

So do I.

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