Despitt the spelling, CBC…

Since there’s nothing else to talk about today….


…Which we like to point out because the self-described intelligent ones — the learned liberals— never fail to catapult conservatives to front-page idiot status when they hear the unlettered among us (or all conservatives) say things like “nucular” (like everybody does) instead of nuclear.

In today’s exciting episode, a CBC reporters needs to take a respite

Reminding me of the arrogant bobblehead pseudo professors from my college days, CBC reporter Adrienne Arsenault delivered her education from Mexico today, where the people are suffering from the effects of all the illegal drug-trade violence, and suggested that Mexicans could use a rest from all that violence.  Professor CBC prefers to pronounce the word res·pite instead of the res·pitt.

This is what happens when you look up a word up in the dictionary or thesaurus, but don’t understand image the pronunciation image key and don’t take the time to try.

Of all the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC’s reporters, Adrienne Arsenault has practiced the hardest to deliver the news as though she were some sort of esteemed, erudite purveyor of the facts, and has offered the best competition to the even more self-esteemed CBC reporter/opinionator Neil MacDonald, arrogant ass.  Arsenault delivers her sermons almost always pacing to and fro as if in front of a lecture hall full of eager students.  Her producers always place her in fields afar which lends to the oh-so awesome mystique that is Adrienne Arsenault.  So of course I enjoy it all the more when she mispronounces words.


In other CBC news, anchor Suhana Meharchand prefaced questions and statements alike with the very pleasant “you know what?”, about 800 times.


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