CBC reporter: “surprised” tea partiers are more highly educated than average Americans.

imageWhy so “surprised”, CBC reporter?

Susan Bonner, a taxpayer-paid reporter with the state-owned CBC, giving us the facts on the ground from Washington DC today, finds herself “surprised” by another poll which reveals that the good folks which the scared, angry liberals and their media have been trying very hard to portray and castigate as poor dumb country hicks with the intelligence of billy goats, are actually more highly educated and wealthier than the average American.  And she also seemed to feel it was important to mention that they were “mostly white”.  You know, unlike America itself.  Or Canada.  Or herself.  And as if that were a bad thing, in and of itself.

“…These people are primarily conservative.  VERY RIGHT [her emphasis] on the conservative um sphere, they say they are not Republican, that they’re disenchanted with the Republican Party. They’re mostly male, they’re over 45, they’re mostly white, and they are mostly very very [her doubling of the word] angry!  There was an interesting poll out today Suhana that I should tell you about because it revealed some surprises about the so-called tea partiers and the surprise is that they are more highly educated and more wealthy than the average American! …” 

—CBC reporter Susan Bonner

More highly educated you say.  Huh.  Well I wonder what’s so “surprising” about that, Mizz Bonner.  You so thought — maybe hoped — that they were stupid dumb-ass hicks?

imageOn a related (vis-a-vis dumb-asses) front:

On a different story completely, that being the Icelandic volcano that is erupting these days, causing massive ash clouds and flight delays in Europe, CBC news anchor Suhana Meharchand quizzed their CBC science reporter by asking him if it didn’t seem reasonable for stranded air travelers to wonder why they couldn’t just vacuum-up the dust in the atmosphere using a giant vacuum.  That is correct, readers. 

“Hey let’s think about all those passengers who are stranded in Britain, in Norway, in Sweden, etc., and they’re all goin’, ‘Why can’t they just take a big vacuum and suck that ash up?!’  I mean how dooya get rid ‘o this ash cloud?!”

—Suhana Meharchand, CBC anchor.

For the record, the science-y answer was shocking.  Apparently, you can’t “get rid of this ash cloud”.  The science guy:  “You can’t —you just have to wait for it to dissipate.”

I’m so, so surprised. I mean, you know, being a poor hick from the country who’s dumber than a billy-goat.


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