CBC interview at left-wing protest features communists

imageThey don’t tell us he’s a communist, but the CBC’s source of information for their big story is Kyle Buott, seen in the CBC screen capture at left.  The CBC, as is their usual practice, only identifies him on air as “Kyle Buott, Halifax District Labour Council.”   But he seems to be connected to or is at the very least endorsed by a communist organization and magazine called “New Socialist”, with a slogan or motto which says “Ideas for Radical Change”.  That’s where I read a Marxist article written by him today.

He was also a Young New Democratic Party official, a tidbit which also went unmentioned in the CBC story. 

So the CBC is either intentionally or unintentionally misinforming you or misleading you through an omission of pertinent facts.

Buott was organizing the protest in Halifax today, ahead of the G8 development ministers meeting in Halifax, at which socialists or communists held up that huge banner denouncing capitalism, about which the CBC reporter apparently thought utterly unimportant.  You can see the banner behind them, although the CBC reporter saw no need whatsoever to ask about that.  After all, it’s not a “Tea Party” protest!  Also unlike Tea Party rallies, many in this crowd wore masks, and looked and behaved like violent thugs, and from what I could tell, just like terrorists.  An arrest was made of a unionist leader who works for… the Canadian Union of Postal Workers


The CBC’s chyron alternates to read “Opposition to G8 Economic Policy”, but the CBC reporter gets this economic protest out of Buott: 

“…Certainly today we’re talking about maternal health, specifically that maternal health must include contraception and access to abortion…”

A recent article written by Kyle Buott appears at NewSocialist.org, and extols the virtues of socialism. Their most recent magazine cover features what I guess are some communists, complete with the communist star emblazoned on their military-style war gear and their army helmets, imagealthough it’s hard to make out what the point is, exactly.  I’m pretty sure this is by design.

The New Socialist magazine speaks of nothing but Marxist values and socialism/communism generally, and overturning Canada from what it is now into a socialist state, and has links to all manner of socialist/Marxist resources. 

It seems to me when the person the CBC choose to present their view of the world to Canadians are radical extremists who literally want to “radically” overturn Canada as we know using possibly “radical” means, and they hold the top offices in mainstream parties and organizations like the Halifax and District Labour Council and the Young News Democratic Party, and they’re connected to communist organizations, and the sign in the background implores people to overturn capitalism, then they might want to mention it.  All of it.  But this is not important to the socialism-reliant, state-owned and taxpayer-funded, and clearly left-wing CBC. 

This news item is from the same CBC which can’t mention the good, normal, calm cool and collected Fraser Institute, which extols the virtues of freedom and the free-market system which built our nation, without also warning us that it’s a “conservative” or “right-wing” think tank.  For that matter the CBC can’t get through a story without describing any other person or entity which is even remotely non-socialist, without also adding a “right-wing” label and reference to their “right” or “conservative-right” or “Christian-right” (etc) political connections, however vague they might be.  But radical left-wing extremists?  Well they’re just “normal”.

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