UPDATED! CBC invokes an ominous Oil Leak-o-Meter… reminiscent of their stock market Plung-o-Meter

It’s so scary!  No I don’t mean the CBC, I mean the scary Oil Leak-o-Meter they devised and announced on their CBC state news this morning, although I do understand the confusion. 



Yikes!  It moves before your very eyes!  That’s so scary! 

Hey I wonder how much of Gaea’s energy the CBC and all its employees consume per second!  Probably about as much as an average BP oil well produces per second.  So you know.  Huh.

image It reminded me of their CBC we hate capitalism Stock Market Plunge-o-Meter, which they devised and stuck up on their state news screen all day long, one day, back when they were trying to help the rest of the liberal news media create a we hate Bush stock market melt-down, and repeatedly reported on what they faux sheepishly referred to as “the R-word”, at least 8,000 times per day, until it finally happened.  Note that they never did uncover the science behind creating a stock market Rise-o-Meter when it was rising to record highs during the Bush years….

Since they’re so into rolling stats, I would love to see the state-owned CBC use my ProudToBeCanadian Abortion-o-Meter too!  Especially since PTBC is Canadian, and Canadian abortions are largely taxpayer-funded, just like the CBC.  It’s Canadiana!


But I kinda doubt that’ll happen….

Other suggestions:  a moving CBC Waste-o-Taxpayers-Cash-o-Meter, which shows the consumption of the well in excess of one and a half BILLION dollars of annual taxpayer cash that the state-owned CBC burns.  WATCH THOSE NUMBERS SPIN, BABY!

Please note that this meter would need TEN digits, just to show one year’s worth of wasted cash, not the mere six shown.  Even a “per week” meter would need more digits since it works out to about $28 MILLION per week (eight digits).


I coded a CBC Waste-o-Taxpayer-Cash-o-Meter, now viewable HERE!

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