Liberal media calls the Islamofascist terrorists and jihadists “suicide” bombers.

image  All the Canadian media call them “suicide bombers”.  Fox News Channel alone often refer to them more correctly as “homicide bombers”. 

Then again the Canadian media constantly refer to “Afghan detainees” rather than the murderous Islamofascist and jihadist Taliban enemy, which is what they really are.

And the state media in Canada, the state-owned, far-left CBC, refers to the war on terror as the “so-called war on terror”, or when they could, what they really preferred: “George W. Bush’s so-called war on terror” (note that they have never referred to is as “Barack Hussein Obama’s so-called war on ‘man-caused disasters’ rightfully initiated as a result of our misunderstanding of them”).

Then again one of the readers and fans whom the far-left state media CBC has nurtured, wrote today, on news of Canadian solder deaths:

“Folks.. You will never win your war on terror.. The reason I say your war on terror is because I don’t even see the terrorists as that I see them as people defending their land…”
—CBC fan named “Sky_of_the_Galaxy”

Our CBC friend “Sky_of_the_Galaxy” later wrote, in reply to someone who reminded the many like-minded far-leftist CBC drones that NATO troops don’t intentionally target innocent civilians:

“ha ha they don’t? You joking me right? NATO and the Canadian/US army are the biggest terrorist in the world and have killed more civilians intentionally than you want to believe.”
—CBC fan named “Sky_of_the_Galaxy”

Another CBCer, in reply to another commenter who wrote “God bless our troops”: 

“ ‘God bless our troops!’
Would’nt it have been better if He did’nt let them get killed?
When will people renounce their silly sky god superstitions?”

— Lina Magliola
[A near-illiterate and hateful, intolerant CBC fan and devotee who “could’nt” write comments properly, but whose sentiments were deemed absolutely appropriate, and approved by CBC moderators this morning.]

And another CBC genius seemingly approved of the actions that the al-Qaeda-enabling Taliban took against the West on 9/11, and who are killing our countrymen today, saying that if he or she lived there in Afghanistan:
”… I would probably hate the West too….”

Another called this war a
”…neocolonial exploitation of resources…”

Another mammoth CBC-educated idiot declared:
“Once again we all get to say thank you Mr. Harper.”
(Another one said almost exactly the same thing, only calling him “Stevie Harper”.)

Another left-wing CBC-inspired brilliant wrote:
“This is no war for any kind of freedoms, this is a war for profits and US imperialism.”

Of course this is the same hate site —the state-owned, taxpayer-funded — one of the most hateful in North America — where one of their fans wrote, in a similar story of Canadian soldier deaths: “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE!”, and others of an exactly like mind wrote similar hate remarks, which were all approved by state-paid CBC “moderators”, in the recent past.

And here’s Fox News Channel’s Jane Skinner as she refers to them as “homicide bombers”, this morning.


In a new news item, the CBC news anchor Carole MacNeil just described the Canadian government’s sound opposition to a global bank tax as Harper’s “global war” on the tax.  Here’s exactly how that went:

“By the way Canada is not only just launching a… a… you know… a trying to get rid of this .. launching a global war on this bank tax, it is proposing its own alternative…”

Here’s a screen capture of the moment Carole MacNeil declared, over the chiron “BATTLING THE BANK TAX”,  that Stephen Harper and the Conservative government of Canada has launched a “global war” on bank tax.  Keep it in mind when the CBC starts calling it “Stephen Harper’s so-called ‘global war’ on bank taxes”.

Carole MacNeil announces a global war launched by the Harper Conservative government

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