CBC anchor cuts Liberal off; doesn’t let him get away with Liberal BS. (Mark calendars!)

Once again, and within just a week, the state-owned CBC’s “Power & Politics” show anchor Evan Solomon intervened, today, and swatted some of the left-wing BS being strewn about his (our) state media on-air anchor desk.  (See the other example —at the bottom of this linked blog entry).

As Liberal David McGuinty tried to get away with the left’s offhanded BS talking point, which alleges that Prime Minister Harper only accepts carefully-crafted “scripted questions” from what we are to believe are secret — possibly Theo-Con plants (someone get that Marci McDonald on the horn!) — Evan Solomon abruptly interrupted McGuinty and said “no”.  I mean it’s like he was trying to be me. 

Liberal David McGuinty:  Last week the Prime Minister had another infomercial meeting with selected students and selected questions and students were told that if they submit a question on the environment or energy it won’t get asked….

CBC’s Evan Solomon (interrupting):  By the way just for the record, they say they didn’t script those questions.

Liberal David McGuinty (antsy now):  Well then why….

CBC’s Evan Solomon (interrupting):  Nuh, just, alright let’s not get into it but I just don’t want to let that drive by….

Liberal David McGuinty (antsier now):  …well then… [yadda]

And a “drive-by” it was.  Or at least an attempt at one. 

Here are some screen captures of the exact moment it happened.  Note the shock and awe on the face of McGuinty!  This CBCan’t be happening!  Feel free to stick these in your photo albums for posterity!

image image

Later, after all the two panel progressives (it always takes two progressives to even remotely match one conservative;  in this case a Liberal and an even further left-winger from the you’ve got to be kidding party) and their drive-by smears and talking points hit the fan and flew all around my TV box, Solomon actually allowed the lone Conservative to have the last word.  (Go ahead —read that last bit again.)

CBC’s Evan Solomon:  I gotta give [Conservative] Andrew Saxon the last word here otherwise it just doesn’t seem quite fair, go ahead Andrew Saxon.

Dear. God. 


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