National Post deepens its “business” relationship with state-owned CBC

imageI’ve noted previous “business” deals that the National Post have made with the liberal-left’s CBC division in the recent past — a sports coverage deal and a business coverage deal image (can you guess which one is supplying what to whom?).  Today the state-owned CBC must be giddy over its latest “business” coup:  another deal with the National Post.  Now, the two “corporations” (one actually is) will share commercial advertising.  In competition with other private, citizen-owned media.  And once again I’m compelled to ask if anyone in Canada is awake.  State-owned media is further encroaching upon private media and erstwhile all-private business; and private enterprises are once again cozying-up to state-owned “corporations” and government, further enhancing and supporting them.

This “business” decision is ostensibly based on the fact that the CBC doesn’t own a national taxpayer-paid socialist newspaper.  Yet.  No — or as they say in Russia: nyet.  Not yet, anyway.  (I’ve also documented how when the CBC started, its clearly socialist (communist?) supporters and proponents also wanted to start a national, state-owned PRAVDA-type newspaper at the same time.  I don’t think their thirst for one has been quashed yet.  Nyet.)

Therefore, after many years of carrying her National Post column here at ProudToBeCanadian (since February 2005), I will drop Barbara Kay’s column Barbara Kayfrom the pages of ProudToBeCanadian.  This saddens me because it will reduce PTBC (some will muse that it’s not possible to reduce PTBC more than it already is, and they will think they’re funny).  But mostly because I think Barbara Kay is one of the best writers and brightest thinkers in what’s left of mainstream North American media today, and she doesn’t get nearly enough notice.  But naturally, as a conservative and supporter of freedom and free markets and private enterprise, and as someone who will not support socialism in my country, I will not support left-wing, socialist, progressive, state-owned media, especially one which is as divisive and corrosive and dominated by the extreme left as that state-owned, far left wing, or those corporations or folks who do, or are directly connected with those that do.  Like the National Post now does, writ large.  As I’ve said in the past a thousand times, I think state-owned media should be banned in this country —and all free countries.  This deal is a step in the opposite direction —it actually supports them.  Props them up.  Legitimizes them.  Feeds them.  It’s like giving money to the you’ve got tho be kidding party or Jack Layton himself.

I’m only shocked that the CBC and the far-left in Canada didn’t pursue the purchase of the National Post and all the Canwest newspapers, when it and they were bankrupt and up for sale.  I never mentioned it at the time simply because I didn’t want to give them any ideas.  I imagine the wheels are turning, without my help.

One more thought:  shame on the Conservatives (no, not conservatives) running the Canadian government.  Shame on them for allowing this.

Read Matt B.‘s comments in this blog entry’s Reader Comments.  Rogers cable and wireless company joins with CBC in offering their content to its customers…

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