State-owned CBC breaches “church and state” hokum and betrays atheism; utters words “act of God”

The politically leftist reporters, anchors, producers, and other such “artists” and state employees lunching at the state-subsidized lunch boutiques at the various multi-million-dollar media buildings owned by the seemingly bent-on-atheism state-owned CBC —will be apoplectic today, as footage of a reporter suggesting that an “act of God” is Margo McDiarmidpossible in Canada, are repeated over and over on their state-owned iPHONES and iPADS. 

I imagine many will demand an on-air retraction or clarification.  Perhaps the CBC’s “Ombudsman” will clarify it by characterizing it as something that only a “Tory”, as a paranoid idiot, might have heard.  (It turns out I’m neither a “Tory” — I’m conservative — nor paranoid.  Plus I have it on tape.).

Reporting on Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews’ and the Conservative government’s “action plan” regarding the protection of various national infrastructure from various man-made disasters and acts of God, CBC reporter Margo McDiarmid said that this move by government will protect infrastructure damaged by acts of God.

“We’re not just talking about terrorist attacks … [but also] either man-made, accidental, or acts of God …”
—CBC reporter Margo McDiarmid

Dear. God.

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