News media insists on calling it simply an “aid convoy”—despite carrying 700 Palestinian activists

What kind of “aid convoy”, supposedly loaded with nothing but “humanitarian aid” and supplies for Palestinians, carries with it 700 Palestinian activists?  I can well imagine a few dozen ship crew — probably unionized longshoremen — to help unload the ships, but 700 self-described activists?  Doesn’t that strike anyone as odd?  Come on people. 

Of course not everybody even gets the whole story, so how imagecould they possibly think it’s odd?  The state-owned CBC doesn’t even bother to mention that the “aid” ships were carrying 700 pro-Palestinian activists, as most other media does, including the Associated Press from which the CBC admits it got its information (along with the Canadian Press).  The snippet at above left is from, which, like the CBC story, uses information from the Associated Press and the Canadian Press.  Below left, the CBC’s acknowledgment of their AP and Canadian Press source, but without the reference to 700 Palestinian “activists”.

So that’s partly how some get away with fostering an anti-Israeli sentiment in the mindset of…. Canadians in this case (but this goes on everywhere).  Don’t tell imagepeople the whole story — notwithstanding the CBC’s marketing department, which comically employs the motto “Know More, Know Now”.

So — and this is what I’d ask as an honest journalist who wasn’t anti-Israel — was the “humanitarian aid” actually aid for the Hamas terrorist group that took over Gaza a few years back?  Are Palestinian troop reinforcements now what the liberal media blithely calls “aid” (if they DO even tell you about the 700 activists)?

The activist group in charge openly acknowledge wanting to “break the Israeli blockade” of Gaza, rather than simply “deliver aid”.  The option was given by Isreal, as they have done several times in the past, to the 700 Palestinian activists — sorry — “humanitarian aiders” — to deliver their supplies (and I assume ONLY the supplies, not the activists) through another port, after a normal, carefully organized inspection for weapons and what not, almost like in every other port in the entire world, even in Canada.  The “aid” group clearly refused that option.

I’m not pre-judging —I’m simply wondering why the media reflexively sides with the pro-Palestinian activist group carrying 700 Palestinian activists to Gaza, to a Hamas terrorist “government” Hell-bent on totally destroying Israel.  And why some media — like the state-owned CBC — don’t bother mentioning that the ships were delivering 700 pro-Palestinian activists.  To a government run by known terrorists.

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