CBC’s reporter on Obama’s critics: They’re the “chattering class” and lob “savage” beatings on him

CBC's Susan Bonner fending off the savagesThe “chattering class” has been “quite savage” lately in beating up on Barack Obama.  That’s what CBC reporter Susan Bonner says.

Back home, the state-owned CBC’s anchor Suhana Meharchand isn’t merely concerned with the oil spill, she’s concerned with how Obama appears to her viewers:

CBC anchor Suhana Meharchand: …You and I have talked in the past about the importance of Obama showing his engagement over this crisis.  Is he making any headway in THAT campaign?

CBC reporter Susan Bonner:  Well he’s certainly increasing his presence in this story with last Thursday’s news conference and then a Friday trip to Louisiana … and really this has been a response … you know the chattering class has been QUITE SAVAGE about the president lately!  People talking about him being too detached.  Too cool!  Too reserved…

He’s ever so cool and dreamy, that’s for sure.  But enough with all the “savagery”!

Let me see if I can translate Bonner for us:  You stupid chattering ninnies.  Low class ingrates.  Savages.  Unlike me.  And you, Suhana.  Barack Obama is The One.  Imagine criticizing him!  Sheesh.  And so savagely.  Those chattering minions, eh?

Now on the other hand, when you criticize Sarah Palin as she has been, which has of course been done ever so fairly and without even a hint of “savagery” or attempted grotesque character assassination or complete defamation of every bit of her AND her family;  or George Bush —well those criticisms were “earned”, am I right Susan and Suhana?;  or in Canada: Stockwell Day, or Stephen Harper, or any Conservative or worse, any conservative, well you’re not a “chattering class” then.  You’re an “intellectual”!  And you’re “fairly analyzing and factually and fairly reporting on the mindset of…”  etc.

imageLater, after a presidential news conference broadcast live on CBC (i.e., we JUST SAW IT), the news analysts Susan and Suhana analyzed it for us through their own l’il filter.  And you know they’re being serious analysts because Mizz Meharchand is wearing her analyzing specs!  (The freeze-frame picture captures Mizz Meharchand emphasizing the word “TONE”.)

CBC anchor Suhana Meharchand: Susan I’d like to know uh you know what’s the TONE you know what you made of the TONE of the U.S. President as he held this news conference. 

Susan Bonner:  Well again:  this is a president that is very much letting Americans know that he’s on the case, and that he’s on the case not just in terms of the containment efforts in the Gulf now, to contain that gushing oil, the efforts to compensate the fishers, business people, communities that have been hit so hard by this crisis…

So don’t worry all you Obama defenders —we’re battling back at the savages!  We’re ALL “on the case”!

Neither CBC employee spoke about the fact that Barack Obama was the recipient of the largest political campaign contributions of any politician from… BP.  Didn’t mention that at all.  In their analysis.  Huh.

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