CBC passively asserts huge political win is… “considered a victory” for the Harper Conservatives.

imageWell actually they don’t mention “Conservatives” at all.  That word doesn’t appear in their copy.  This is by design. 

Their headlines unwittingly read, however, like the Harper/Conservative agenda items for the G-8 and G-20 talks:

•  G8 to avoid thorny abortion, climate issues. —CHECK!

•  G20 ministers end push for global bank tax. —CHECK!

This conforms precisely to the agenda which Canada has been pushing world leaders, the world over, in the days and weeks leading up to the G8 and G20 conference, to cede.  And they’ve won.  We’ve won. 

And their copy reads, almost sheepishly, “it is considered a victory”? 

That’s like the Weekly Standard reporting, after Barack Obama’s presidential election, that it is “considered a victory” for Barack Obama. 

This isn’t a presidential election, but get real, CBC.  Prove you’re the unbiased news agency you hold yourselves out to be, instead of the small-minded, picayune, blinkered left-wing advocacy division of Canada’s liberal-and far-left that we in the sane set prove, with more and more credibility each day, you to be.  Have the journalist fortitude — the maturity and intellectual fortitude — to acknowledge facts and report them as they really are —even when you do hate them.  Otherwise you’re simply an embarrassment even to your various mothers, the progressives, and to the journalistic community.

Canada now controls the agenda.  How often have we ever been able to say that?  This is not “considered a victory”, CBC, it’s a clear and rather historic demonstration of the brand new, rarely if ever before seen respect for Canada and its leadership, from the world’s biggest leaders on the world stage.  Respect which the leaders and the industrial world they represent, are now paying to Canada, under its current — and do say it, CBC:  CONSERVATIVE — leadership.  Yes, it’s more than merely “considered to be” anything.  It’s a rock solid demonstration of a Canada that has become an actual power broker on the world stage, instead of an also-ran;  one which has been seen historically more as a cute little cousin of the Americans —to whom the massive powers of United States, Germany, and France have erstwhile treated only with polite diplomatic deference.  Now, they have all ceded on these important world issues.  Issues which Canada has alone pushed hard, under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty.  Conservatives. 

THAT’s the news.  Why not just report it, CBC?  Whose side are you on?  I’m on Canada’s

CTV reports it more accurately.  No wonder they’re the number one, most-watched broadacaster of news in Canada.


Note that they report is as “CANADA’S” victory, as does the Globe and Mail, below.  They don’t sheepishly contend that “it is considered a victory” for some Conservative political hack — oh sorry simply a nondescript political hack — as the CBC implies:


The Toronto Star — one of the most liberal mainstream papers on the continent — joins the CBC is cowardly alluding to a possible win, with their headline:  “Canada catches break in campaign against bank tax”.  Love that:  “Catches a break” —as if it’s dumb-ass luck like winning an Ontario lottery draw.  But note that they at least acknowledge a win for CANADA.

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