Socialism-Reliant, Left-Wing, State-Owned CBC’s supporter/sponsor/advertiser of the day: GM-Cadillac

Today we feature, for your disgust, CBC’s supporter/sponsor/advertiser and enabler of the day: General Motors and its Cadillac division.  Apparently at GM, they don’t care that they are sponsoring a left-wing, socialism-reliant, state-owned media, complete with rabid anti-conservative columnists and replete with hateful, divisive, intolerant comments and commenters —or they do care and they actually endorse this economic social, and political model for our country. 


At first it may seem odd or incongruous that (A) Cadillac, being one of the least “utilitarian” and “egalitarian” and certainly among the costliest of automobiles, would advertise on a socialism-reliant state-owned media; and (B) that the ever “green”-promoting, “man made global warning” -theory-advocating CBC would compromise their supposed principles and accept ads from a company advertising a car that is among the most consumptive of carbon-based fuels of all automobiles on the planet and one which emits more of those evil “greenhouse gasses” than almost any other… but then you remember that GM is a company that, like the CBC itself, is now state-owned between the governments of the United States and Canada.  They all share many of the same values and principles, or lack thereof. 

It sure does leave some explaining for the other advertisers though, which aren’t yet state-owned, and whom I’ll feature as often as I can starting today.


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