The CBC news channel: Half hour of Ignatieff speech; then full reiteration by CBC reporters. Yawn.

“How to be a boring shill for the No-Real-News Liberals:  CBC News.”
“A morning in the life of CBC news watching.”

It’s bad enough that the CBC and all of liberalvision see every one of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s speeches as a giant newsroom alarm bell or red alert on the CBC’s chat program, which signals them to snap into live television action mode and cover his sage words, live, but to cover every boring word, and then after it’s finally over, for the news anchor to then go over it again, almost verbatim, point by point, reiterating exactly what he just said… oh my.  But that’s exactly what they do.  (For comparative purposes, they also do this with Conservative Prime Minister Harper, only the post-game analysis is extremely critical and usually negative, and they invite all manner of leftist bloggers and politicians and of course the reliably leftist university professors to join in on the giant nega-fest.)

And did Ignatieff say anything breathtaking or new?  No.  That was their own conclusion.

The CBC’s anchor, Carole MacNeil, asked this at the end of their half-hour-long report on Ignatieff’s big, boring, highfalutin, teleprompter-read, image non-pronouncement, mostly about our mission in Afghanistan.  After all of the coverage, and reiteration, and reporter “analysis”, here’s the final question in the Q&A between the anchor and the “on-the-scene” reporter (who was actually just in another CBC building or wing or studio), Margo McDiarmid:

CBC Anchor Carole MacNeil:  Clarify for me if you would, Margot, because I know you have been watching this more closely, uh, I’m confused about something:  is the Conservative government not engaged also, in looking at a training plan for Afghanistan, or is this an idea that is unique to the Liberals and I must say also, if you’ve read Foreign Policy for May, Robert Gates the defense secretary in the United States, was also advocating this development-slash-training approach.  Is the Harper government on-side with the training approach as well, are they working on that kind of engagement?

CBC Reporter Margo McDiarmid:  Yes they have been saying, um, really, for years, uh, that Canada needs to have some kind of role after the country pulls out in 2011…

So no, nothing new here.  Take what the Conservatives have been saying for years about Afghanistan, and double that for the Liberals, sort of.  It’s news now, though, see.

The difference, McDiarmid claims (from her perch in another newsroom) is that the Conservatives have been kinda “fuzzy” about it, see, for years, whereas Ignatieff has now made himself totally clear.  Ignatieff has made HIMSELFtotally clear.  All by himself.  That’s what they reported.

And at that, the saga ended, only to be repeated again later with new reviews of Ignatieff’s speech.  And then they covered his long media Q&A with reporters.  For image countless dozens of minutes.  And then MacNeil reiterated all of that, including all his answers, which he just gave.  And then they AGAIN went over that with Margot McDiarmid. 

Another half-hour, at least.

I think you could say the state-owned CBC was the nearly all-Ignatieff channel, this morning.  Apparently they couldn’t find any Conservatives to get their point of view on Ignatieff’s pronouncements.

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