How come the CBC isn’t showing this video of a Democrat brutally manhandling a citizen?

They seem to constantly mock — or try to — the good American citizen Sarah Palin, or any conservative for that matter.  But when they get another chance to show, for example, vivid evidence of the actual, factual brutality of an elected Democratic lawmaker, they hide under their expensive taxpayer-owned desks.  It would only take 13 seconds to show the video. 

Think they shouldn’t bother?  Well then you’re very funny. Let’s amuse ourselves by imagining if it were Sarah Palin, or Republican Congressman Joe Shmo caught on tape putting a student reporter in a headlock for no reason whatsoever.  How exactly would they handle that, do you suppose?  Exactly.

Are they protecting left-wing politicians by a purposeful omission of facts — omission of reporting about their misdeeds and indiscretions — while ensuring they do report on and attack right-wing politicians by every means possible?  Nah.  Couldn’t be!  They’re state owned!  (…. but search CBC for yourself.)

Democratic Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk

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