CBC goes wobbly over minor earthquake. But it affected THEM. So you know, it’s HUGE.

Just to show you how lacking in perspective, how provincial and self-centered — and unfamiliar with Canada the Toronto-centric CBC is— a minor earthquake imagestruck in Ontario and Quebec at about 10:40 Pacific, and they’re still giving it wall-to-wall coverage from every conceivable angle, sending out reporters in every direction, taking viewer phone calls who all relate their awesome (not) personal experiences, and reporters and politicians all recounting with riveting (not) stories about where they were and how they felt “when it happened”.  It’s noon now.  Still covering it.

No damage.  No injuries.  No nothing.  Zip.  Nothing.  Except that it is in Ontario and Quebec.  It was a 5.0 magnitude.  Not major.  An 800 times per year event. Moderate at worst.

It all reminds me of when the former CBC employee and now still Governor-General Michaelle Jean visited the west coast and insisted that the mountains around Vancouver that she was looking at were “the Rockies”…

I’m not sure if it was the fact that at the time of the non-event, they were broadcasting yet another one of their live broadcasts of the ridiculous you’ve got to be kidding party making yet another one one of their totally useless public pronouncements for the sycophantic leftist news media, which of course the CBC therefore reflexively covers NO imageMATTER WHAT;  or the fact that they have absolutely no clue that the west coast experiences these things weekly;  or more likely, that it happened to them, and that’s all that really matters. 

But they’re still covering it.  It’s after noon.  It’s like the biggest thing that has ever happened in this country.  Ever. And yet it’s nearly nothing.

They’re covering traffic jams and security in Toronto surrounding the G-8 and G-20 summits just like this as well.  Vancouver just got over its two weeks of equal or more traffic diversions and extreme security measures, including the movement of fully armed F-18 fighter jets and armed forces from the world over lending their support,  all thanks to the government games (the Olympics), and the near-riot situations amongst left-wing nutbars.  There was barely a mention of all all that in the media before or during the games.  Certainly not the kind of extreme coverage the news media, which is all centered in Toronto, is giving to themselves and their own concerns. 

Oh the humanity. 

Expert from an Ontario university being interviewed here dressed in his uniform…

Still on it.  12:30 PM.  The entire CBC media industrial complex and every one of the thousands of state-employed CBC employees is now apparently completely dedicated to this non story. 

CBC Anchor Carole MacNeil to Ottawa Parliamentary reporter Rosemary Barton — using age-old jokes now like we in the west stopped using about 80 years ago because they’re so old and over-used…. “…guess you felt the earth move there in Ottawa eh…?!!!!”  (uproarious laughter between the two of them for about ten minutes…)

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