State-owned CBC’s politics “news” “analysts”: Left-Wing Nobodies. To learn ya ‘bout politics!

As usual, for the education of Canadians in the state-owned CBC’s quest to turn them into even bigger and dumber left-wing, progressive, Obama-luvin’ sycophants and Republican-haters, they once again (for the approximately 8.000th time, most of them documented here at PTBC —do a search!) employed, for our nation’s political education needs, a far-leftist expert political “analyst”;  and for balance (in typical CBC-style), an even further-far-leftist.  This morning.  Let’s have a look!

CBC employs socialists to explain politics to Canadian taxpayers  CBC employs socialists to explain politics to Canadian taxpayers

That’s “balance” for the CBC.  And indeed it’s “news” for the CBC, and moreover, it’s worthy of your tax dollars.  It’s a public service!  They want you and your nation to be a nation of far-leftists, or even further-far-leftists.  Of course in fairness (because that’s what this is all about, right?!), the state-owned CBC is totally socialism-reliant.  Totally dependent upon the government,  Taxpayers.  They need people to be like them. It’s in their interest.  They are an interest group. 

Rachel Sklar is the far-leftist who writes for all manner of far-left blogs and works for far-left politicians in the U.S., even though she has Canadian breeding (mostly bred by the CBC, apparently).  Jeffrey Feldman also writes for the furthest-left blogs and magazines, including the disgraceful left-wing hate site the Daily Kos —one of the most left-wing blog sites in the western world (nearly matched in its level of disgrace and condescension and outright hate of conservatives and traditional Americans by the likes of the state-owned web site, and the Toronto Star).

These are the two “analysts” the CBC employs for the “analysis” of President Obama’s press conference this morning.  And just get a load of this bigger-than-life portrait of their Obama on the state-owned “news” network.  He’s positively haYUGE!  And look, Martha, his giant brainy-head is stickin’ right out of the picture box!:

CBC presents a bigger than life Obama to help explain politics to Canadian taxpayers


I loved how the Drudge Report portrayed Obama’s typical speaking style, this morning, when he’s off-script and doesn’t have the words written down for him on his sacred and absolutely necessary teleprompter industrial complex.  (Note the bottom picture in which one is captured behind the journalists!  ….Good times….)

Drudge captures Obama's speaking style…. and….uh…um….speed.

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