Bell buys 100% of the #1 network, CTV, for the same amount the gov gives state-owned CBC every year

At least Bell gets something for its 1.3 billion-dollar investment… and it is an actual investment

The progressives’ very own state-owned CBC left-wing media empire and socialism-boosting conglomerate couldn’t be worth more than CTV, which is by far the number one network in Canada in terms of viewership and prime-time ratings, including its news programs, which have to OXY-MORONS-  CBC reports on businesscompete against the state-owned news (and “early learning” — wink!) shows. 

Which leads us to wonder what in tarnation the state-owned media and its culture of radical progressivism is doing with all our 1.5 billion dollars in annual taxpayer-robbed cash.  Every year. 

Every year!

And not to feed any ideas into the CBC-nurtured socialists of Canada, but I’m certainly glad the state-owned CBC didn’t attempt to out-bid Bell for the CTV assets, they way they do to get the license to broadcast the Olympics and the NHL and such.  Oh who am I kidding — I’m sure they thought about it! 


The state-owned CBC owns about half of the Sirius Satellite Radio network in Canada. 


Why don’t you ask your MP?

While you’re at it, ask them why the government — and what kind of government — competes against its own citizens in this manner.  I’m sure Bell wonders why.  I’m sure the citizen-owned satellite radio competitor XM Canada wonders why. 

State-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.  That sentence, if heeded, would in itself be worth countless —literally countless —tens of billions of dollars, which could have been, and would be, saved by taxpayers.  So they could spend it on beer and popcorn. 


The progressives in all governments (including in your Conservative Party, by the way) constantly use the term “investment” in place of the proper terminology, which is actually “big nanny state progressive government-growing spending of your taxpayer cash which they do because they think you’re too stupid to spend it yourselves”.

So I got a kick out of this headline at  These folks regularly spot specious verbiage too. 

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