CBC apes Liberal Ignatieff and McGuinty conspiracy theory; and campaign of “NRA” and gun fear

CBC says whatever the Left tells it to sayLargely repeating Liberal and you’ve got to be kidding party talking points once again today, the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC is all over a non-story cooked-up by progressives — ideological leftists and fear mongers.  And once again, it’s all being done to marginalize and demonize — and demean — conservatives and most right-thinking, normal Canadians, as best they can.  Today, we’re once again labeled as “extremists”, using “Republican tactics” and “American-style politics”.  I couldn’t be happier.

It is, at best, a non story.  But the CBC is all over the non story (once again!) with wall-to-wall coverage.  They had extensive coverage all morning on the state-owned “news” channel, and the state-owned web site has stories and videos.  They can’t say “NRA”, conflated with “Conservative”, often enough today.

…[Liberal MP] McGuinty also called on the prime minister to disclose details of what he called a “nudge-nudge, wink-wink relationship” between the NRA and current and former Conservative MPs, staffers and party members.
CBC story

You want the government to disclose “details” about “party members” huh, Mr. Liberal? Regular Canadian citizens.  Huh.  That’s weird.  Bit of an intrusion wouldn’t you say?  But OK y’all!  Here’s my NRA card, CBC …and Liberals… and you’ve got to be kidding party… and all the rest of your Left-Wing ‘n Progressive Club members, both here and in the U.S. (and in Cuba, and presumably Iran!):

Joel's NRA membership card

Actually I’m not a Conservative Party member, but in the interest of full disclosure, I though I better comply with the left-wing totalitarian Liberal Party MP’s demands.  He wants details about not just my gun ownership, but details about the clubs I belong to as well, now, apparently.  Perhaps he’d like a peak at my underwear drawer.  Those liberals and progressives! 

The Left-Wing ‘n Progressive Club is talking-up the possible influence that the American pro-gun club, the NRA, might have on Canadian gun registry politics.  Manifestly, they’re freaked-out that an American group is not on their side.  You know, the way MoveOn.org and other far left extremist groups are always on Canada’s left’s side, which Canada’s left welcomes with open arms. 

The Conservatives immediately came on TV and defensively, and vehemently, and stupidly, denied any connections to the NRA.  But my question is (and theirs should have been): what’s wrong with the NRA supporting the Conservative government’s effort to support freedom in our country vis-a-vis the long gun registry?  I’m thrilled!  Please let me know any way I can help, NRA!  If I were the Conservative Party spokesman, I would have gone in front of the TV cameras, whipped out my NRA card, and asked what the hell the problem was.  I’m proud as hell to be a member of the NRA.  It’s a fantastic organization.

CBC apes idiots:  repeats left-wing talking points and pretends its a story

And look, Martha, we’re “EXTREMISTS”!  Again! 
We’re “EXTREME” on oh so many levels!
Liberal ass stokes EXTREMIST fear

Canadian leftists are perfectly fine with Americans and powerful American lobby groups as long as they are on their side.  The Acorn group, the many George Soros-supported and financed groups like MoveOn.org and Avaaz.org and the Tides Foundation, Planned Parenthood, the various left-wing environmental groups, the ACLU, and countless others are permanent lobbyists in Canada, and work in myriad ways to promote their left-wing causes; and they offer all kinds of supports for liberals and you’ve got to be kidding members in Canada — financial and otherwise.  Such as when the Liberals and the you’ve got to be kidding party need election campaign advise from Obama campaign workers, or guest speakers at their conventions by far-left Americans from MoveOn.org or the extreme left-wing Daily Kos.  The CBC itself uses these (American) people as official CBC News politics “analysts”!

Why doesn’t the CBC cover that, today?  You know —the story about them being influenced, and trying to influence you, with American left-wing lobbyists from the Daily Kos and other far-left organizations?

When a freedom-loving and perfectly legitimate gun club supports a Conservative policy initiative, the left’s state-owned media ascribes all manner of guilt and nefarious connotations to it.  The CBC is such a shill for the leftists it’s becoming a national joke.  Or, you know, an even bigger one.

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