Lib elite Ignatieff’s “I’m a t-shirt-wearin dude” campaign tour ends; CONSERVATIVES zoom up in poll!

Obviously they expected a meteoric rise in the polls, for surely they wouldn’t have decided to blow all that diesel-fueled carbon all across our “man-made global warming emergency”-laden countryside, if it weren’t of vital national interest, you know, like getting the “natural governing party” back in power —the luscious, yummy power they so crave and live for and deserve on the basis that they really, really want it.  And getting those Conservative “extremists” and other absolutely, totally normal Canadians (like capitalists!) out of office.  Which apparently trumps that other emergency.

Even I expected to see a huge spike, especially given the fawning, glowing “news” coverage, exulting about the success and excitement among every Canadian who was honored enough to be touched by the ever so casual rolled-up shirt sleeve of their hot dog-holding man, Michael Ignatieff (the tie’s in the bus!), provided every day and night by the liberals’ very own media division. 

But not only did they all not rise in the polls, they went DOWN.  And the Conservatives went UP.  And that’s got to leave on a mark on one of Ignatieff’s sporty checkered shirts.  Actually, more likely, a giant mark in his boxer shorts and that of his party’s accounting division, as CBC looks sadhe and they ponder what a totally fruitless waste of cash, time, effort, and smoke the whole thing was.

Even more embarrassing for the progressive left:  it was scientifically proven to be such a loser of an effort tour —by their very own state-owned media, the CBC division of the progressive left, and their disgraceful use of taxpayer dollars to regularly conduct these scientific political polls.  Which is further exacerbated by the fact that they conduct these polls to, I think, scientifically test their own political messaging for its left-wing effectiveness.  A market test, to use one of our free-market terms — which I use ironically of course, since they are a totally socialism-reliant, state-owned media. 

And having scientifically proven 8,000 times over that their CBC is a massive failure in terms of attracting Canadian viewers, they’re failing in their core value:  swinging Canadians over to their socialist cause.  Darn the luck.  And believe me, they’ll blame it on something as scientific as “luck”. 

I’m delighted.  Progressives all say science is the basis for everything, and science provides them, they keep telling us, with irrefutable evidence for the need to raise taxes and make governments bigger and more controlling.  For example, science proves the government needs to create “cap and trade” taxes;  the funding of heroin shooting houses in Vancouver;  and of course their favorite, the countless billions in taxes, rules, regulations, policies, creation of new secretariats and bureaucracies, hiring of government workers and “scientists”, and so much more, due to Al Gore’s “man-made global warming”, um, proven science.  (They conveniently ignore the naked science behind what I call the whole “penis/vagina model” of traditional marriage and family-creation;  and the whole pre-born babies are humans thing, too.  There, it’s just about “a feeling”.  Or choice, or love, or something.) 

Having scientifically proven in every conceivable way that the state-owned media is a failure of massive proportions, surely the progressives in all parties will agree with me now, and finally call for the elimination of the state-owned media industrial complex (if we add “industrial complex” onto the end, it will make it more marketable to your Marxist friends!)  All on a purely scientific basis, of course.  Don’t worry:  we still have the “love” —of the other, citizen-owned channels like CTV and Global and the independents we all watch instead of the CBC;  and we still have “choice” —to watch them and all the others that might spring up when they don’t have to compete against their own government and its state-owned and taxpayer-funded media behemoth —like, say, Sun News. 

Other reasons I’ve presented over the years, like pure logic, democracy, freedom, common sense, haven’t convinced them but I’m sure I’ve got them now!  On their own terms! 

They report, briefly, almost as though they’re hiding it, that Conservative support is up.  But here’s the thing:  their previous poll said the Conservative support was 29.4%.  This time:  32.4%.  That’s a 3.0% increase.  That’s substantial, and hugely newsworthy, which the CBC totally ignored, but that’s not even the point.  On today’s CBC reporting, they indicate that Conservative support has risen 0.3%.  Zero POINT three.  See, that’s exactly wrong!  It’s not zero POINT three, it’s THREE point ZERO. 

And today they say Liberals are also up — but they’re DOWN, in fact, from their last poll.  Last time, they were at 29.1. This time they’re at 28.9.  See, that’s DOWN.  Scientifically speaking, that is.  Now maybe on some “feelings” level or “love” level, that’s UP.  I doubt it but you never know.  Perhaps if you smoke some pot!  But purely on a factual basis, it’s down. 

Even Reuters gets it right today, and they’re not even state-owned!

The regular Ekos survey for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp put the Conservatives at 32.4 percent support, up from 29.4 percent two weeks ago. The official opposition Liberals were at 28.9 percent, down from 29.1 percent.
Reuters news clip

See, here’s some scientific proof of the CBC’s possibly nefarious, possibly accidental deception and unscientific meddling, some might say, with their own numbers, possibly caused by the deep dudgeon they find themselves in (see reporter’s face, above):

Their previously-reported poll at left;  their latest poll at right.
As you can plainly see, they are up not POINT 0.3, but 3.0 full points from their last-reported poll.  And the Liberals are DOWN, not up.  But you know, science shmience.

From what I can gather, even though their polling firm EKOS did do a poll last week — the one which would indicate that huge rise in Conservative popularity — they didn’t report on it at all (possibly BECAUSE there was a huge rise for the Conservatives at just the time the Left was hoping for the opposite?).  As I showed you, Reuters observed the same reports as I did.  I did do a search at, and the report on that poll is simply not there.  Even EKOS’s web site doesn’t discuss it, except that last week’s poll is in fact added to the bottom of this week’s poll results.  So it’s all very weird; it’s un-transparent, it’s sloppy, and it’s a strange way of reporting the news — the “science” — indeed.

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