State-owned CBC hilariously refers to N. Korean state news agency as “state broadcaster”

I really just wanted to mock the communist nation’s leader, Kim Jung-Il, as seen at left, and the choice of his son, Kim Jung-un (yup, his real name), as seen at right, as his apparent successor — confirming long-held suspicions. 

But I was once again bowled over by the hilarity of Canada’s 100% state-owned, government-created and government-nurtured and taxpayer-funded news agency, the socialism-reliant CBC, describing, yet again, a socialist country’s state broadcaster as, well, a “state broadcaster”. 

In fact they did it twice in the same paragraph, which makes me wonder if they aren’t trying to goad me into blogging about their ….can’t find the right word…. state-funded something or other. ARTICLE:

North Korea’s state broadcaster announced early Tuesday that Kim Jong-un, believed to be 27, was being promoted to the rank of four-star general. It was the first time the state broadcaster had ever mentioned his name. …

Once they got going, they seemed to like it so much they carried on like that into the next paragraph! 

The North Korean state media announced Wednesday local time that the younger Kim has also been named a member of the ruling Workers’ Party Central Committee and vice-chairman of the party’s Central Military Commission.

And then again later in their story, they called it “North Korea’s state TV”.  Oh dear.  Please stop.  My side are aching.

North Korean state TV said Tuesday that …

Every time I call the state-owned CBC “the state-owned CBC”, I get email from unhinged liberals and other progressives who declare “you’re stupid! ! ! !!S !D*!%#!@! LMNOP !!— Canada’s doesn’t have states you idiot!!!!”  (Actually, they usually begin that sentence with “UR” in order to save all the typing involved in punching up “You’re”).  North Korea doesn’t have states either —nope.  Provinces like us!  (Coinkidink alert: North Korea is also the model I use most to describe Canada’s decrepit “healthcare” system!  I usually employ it like this:  “Canada’s North Korean-style ‘healthcare’ system”.  This also drives liberals nutty, mostly because it is largely true.  As I always say, liberals get peeved when you lie about them —but they become truly unhinged when you tell the truth about them). 

Much as the CBC gets caught hilariously describing communist countries’ state-owned media as “state-owned media”, CNN also describes North Korea’s state news agency as its “state news agency”.  I’ve never heard CNN or the state-owned CBC describe the CBC that way. 

(CNN)—The youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il was named vice chairman of the Workers Party of Korea’s central military commission, North Korea’s state news agency reported Tuesday.

CNN article

Hey I wonder if Kim Jung-Il or -un or any other suffix will appoint a nob from the North Korea’s “state broadcaster” to be leader of all the land, as the progressives always do here!  That would be “Canadian-style” government and democracy!  And speaking of “democracy”, for all you folks who think Canada’s you’ve got to be kidding party is really about the “democratic”, the socialist military dictatorship we call North Korea is actually called “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. 

Have a nice day!

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