Lib MP Carolyn Bennett calls Canadian PM a dictator… in bid to FORCE us to complete 40-page census

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett want to FORCE you to fill out census Oh yay!  That should help Canada on the world stage! 

”…we are calling on this dictatorial [her emphasis] prime minister to finally listen to the will of the parliament, abide by the rule of law, and honor this bill, when it is passed.”

And calling the PM a dictator should tone it down, as Lib leader Michael Ignatieff pretends he wants to do.  And this should also help promote and advance the quality of civil discourse that you’re always on about, as angelic Liberals and progressives.  And it will surely extend that long reach across the isle in your ongoing, altruistic effort to bridge gaps and “work with” the minority government.  Way to go, on so many levels!

For people in countries who don’t understand hypocrisy and irony as broadcast nationally by state-owned broadcasters, a special nod to Canada’s state-owned CBC (and under our Liberal Party-created broadcast laws, private cable and satellite providers are FORCED to make this state television available to all Canadians) for broadcasting this intemperate claptrap without even remotely questioning her ever so moderate remarks. 

DEFCON 1 IRONY ALERT!  While accusing the Prime Minister of being “dictatorial”, bear in mind (as in a Russian bear), her private member’s bill is one which would FORCE, by strict rule of law, regular busy Canadians to toss their ever-decreasing right to privacy and their God-given right to freedom out the window;  and FORCE them to fill out a 40-page government census, rather than asking them to voluntarily complete it, as befits a free country.  Failure to fill out the form as demanded by her idea of government (which sounds like a dictatorship to me), would result in a $500 fine on first offense. 

But don’t worry, the progressives would promise, this kind of forced participation in their agenda and that of their special interest groups, wouldn’t lead to anything else, after this.  This is it.  Just this one last intrusion into your rights.  Then they’re done.  Wink.

So who’s your “dictator”?

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett want to FORCE you to fill out census

And why don’t Canadians like her BIG SISTER act?  It’s because we’re…. STUPID! 

Yes, taking a page out of the playbook of very liberal-left progressive President Obama, which is read off the same teleprompter as leftist Democratic Party Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the reason Canadians aren’t right on board the good ship SS PROGRESSIVE BIG BROTHER/SISTER, is that we’re simply too stupid. 

No sorry let me start again —not “stupid” per se.  Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett’s exact words were that we were (get ready!) lacking the civic literacy to truly understand.  We’re too “illiterate”, civics-wise, as a general matter, to comprehend the vitality of the progressives’ big agenda item and the Conservatives’ objection to it. 

Canadian Press Reporter: “…Do you think average Canadians really care, about the long-form census?  It seems like something perhaps that is in the interest of special interest groups but hasn’t really permeated the general society.”

Lib MP Carolyn Bennett: “I think we have to make the case.  … This is an excellent opportunity for the civic literacy [her emphasis] around not only what they have done … we need YOUR help [indicating to reporters] and the help of ALL Canadians ta actually understand how important this is!  …

Got it?  They need to co-opt their media division to help make the dummies understand.  The illiterate dumb Canucks.

Remember:  as one top Liberal strategist said on the state-owned news media not long ago, unless the government taxes away our money, we’ll blow it on beer and popcorn rather than spend it on food and clothing for our children.  With the exception of the self-anointed elites in Ottawa (mainly her party’s gurus), we’re inherently stupid. 

But you know, whatever gets you into power and makes you feel good inside, you ever so temperate and honorable Mizz Bennett.

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