Funky Country: Canadian TV ratings: All American; and no state-media shows make the grade.

How’s that government social engineering —with countless tens of BILLIONS of your cash and that of your children and grand children — working out for you? 

Sept 13-19, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua
Big Bang Theory (various days)
America’s Got Talent
Big Brother 12
Law and Order SVU
Hot in Cleveland
CTV Evening News
Lie to Me
The Mentalist
CTV Evening News Weekend
CTV National News

(BBM statistics) | (certain shows repeatedly rank among the top-15 over various days, thus fewer than 15 are listed)

All Canada’s shows except news are American.  No shows on the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC make the top-15 grade.  And even if you go down to number 30 on the list, the only CBC shows that make the grade are American game shows, and an American movie.  CBC MASSIVE FAILUREEven the state-media’s news shows don’t make the grade —not even the top-30. 

This, after countless tens of BILLIONS of Canadian taxpayer funding of the state-owned CBC, and for “Canadian content”.  And even after all the laws restricting American content.  And laws forcing Canadian content ratios on people watching TV.  And after broadcast laws forcing the CBC onto cable and satellite packages whether you want them or not. 

How’s liberalism and progressivism working out for you? 

Vote liberal.  They promise they won’t progress any more than they already have.  They’re all done now.

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