CBC fails to report on polls re Obama unpopularity; but today: full report on ORGASMS poll

I always marvel at how much the progressive, liberal-left ideology and policy and interest revolves around orgasms.  Today the state-owned left-wing/progressive media, the CBC, marvels at a study done by the maker of Trojan Condoms.  The story is featured on their front page right now. 

No, they still haven’t presented any of the myriad polls and surveys that I always show you, proving how unpopular President Obama and the Democratic congress is, which is actually important, but at least we know how popular condoms are for 14-year-olds, and how popular orgasms are for men and women. 

CBC obsessed with orgasms

CBC is orgasmicAs one commenter at the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC.ca web site wrote, “Why would I care about anyone else’s orgasms? I don’t need this information.”

Therefore, expect a 5-part series on the CBC’s “The Passionate Eye” or “The National” starring Peter Mansbridge, regrading the latest orgasm findings.  Possibly also a how-to feature on how to get one, if you’re 14 and don’t know yet.  It’s important to the CBC.

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