On reports of Glenn Beck illness: Huffington Post commenters bash the crap out of him; quote Marx.

Most of them on the CBC’s favorite source for news and commenters and “analysts”, the far-left Huffington Post blog, openly express ill-will and further sickness on Glenn Beck, as word went out on his own radio show this morning that he will take a couple days off to get test related to a possible “small fiber” problem. 

This first guy posts under the name “JesusCrist” (no doubt to show his great respect for Christians):

” Glenn Beck’s problem started with God got Beck’s brain and 4ss mixed up during construction.”

And most of them are even less intelligent, display even less of that famous liberal-left “compassion” and “tolerance” and “love of diversity”. 

One guy reflexively quotes communist/socialist Karl Marx, who is one of their gods:

“…Marx said, “the only wheels that political economy sets in motion are greed,” Marx saw that at its core Capitalism (especially unfettered, so-called free market Capitalism) births greed, which ultimately destroys Capitalism. …”

Like so many on the idiot-left, this one jumps at the chance to invoke their hate for Sarah Palin in addition to Glenn Beck:

“…He’s like some minstrel show. Maybe he’ll take a drink of Dr Palin elixir and pronounce himself healed and ready for more. …”

And lest you think it’s just dumb-ass extreme leftists who grace the HuffPo with this level of hatred and glib arrogance, A HuffPo “Moderator” chimes in with this bit o

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