State-owned CBC’s business anchor (yeah, I know, stop laughing): Obama’s “stimulus” hasn’t worked

Don’t worry, Canadians, I don’t get my business news from a state-owned, socialism-reliant news channel.  I mean come on. 

It is manifestly because I have a brain, but I’m also motivated by my access to normal, non-government, free-market, and private enterprise, and therefore better options from people who obviously like and prefer free markets and private CBC oxymoronic, with emphasis on moronicenterprise and freedom generally, like CTV’s various business shows and their sister channel BNN, also CNBC, and of course the best of them all, Fox Business Network.  But I do keep tuned-in to the state media so I can critique it, which I’ve been known to do from time to time. 

This morning, on the state-owned, socialism-reliant news channel’s “business” report (I know that’s entirely incongruous and oxymoronic with an emphasis on con and moronic, but let’s play anyway), their business guy Fred Langan said this, regarding Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s latest moves to meddle in the economy and try to get the U.S. economy moving, finally, after President Obama and the Democrats and progressives have wrecked it as best they could with staggering, historic debt and deficits and their huge government “health care” scam and cap and trade idiocy and new rules and regulations and causing total uncertainty, and of course the fear that the progressives will grow their socialism… 

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