Is the CBC boss TRYING to sound like a left-wing extremist?

If you don’t detect the extreme left — pure socialist — tone in statements like his today, then, well, you’ve probably been brought up watching the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC, and went to public schools. 

socialist state mediaBy the way I love how SOME media is slowly adopting my correct language for describing the state-owned CBC.  “State broadcaster” works just fine, exactly as it does to describe Iran’s state broadcaster.

By Brian Lilley, QMI Agency

OTTAWA – The president of the state broadcaster says the CBC has plans to expand its reach into new media platforms, and compete with private broadcasters for professional sports broadcast rights.

Hubert Lacroix promised to keep CBC at the “centre of a revolution.”

“Around the world, the public broadcaster is being challenged,” said Lacroix. “And of course, the most severe critics are the private media groups who seek to limit its role and activities in order to gain a competitive advantage.”

Lacroix said CBC will push ahead with plans to use its public subsidy to expand to new platforms and create new television channels.


What is this talk of a

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