CBC newsflash! Pigs used for piggy banks! PETA against it!

  It’s on their front page of the state-owned CBC right now.  “Piggy bank made from real piglet.”

The sub-head is “Humane Society deplores ‘such callousness and insensitivity’”.  The story is highlighted on their list of “top headlines.”  It’s that important. 

Why?  Because PETA is dead against dead pigs being used for piggy banks for rich people who weren’t aborted and can now afford the $4000 price tag.  So it’s a perfect CBC story.  PETA spoke: check.  “Animal welfare” somehow speciously involved: check.  High price tag means it involves the hated rich folk: check. Private enterprise ever so nefariously involved: check.  As an added bonus, has the word “bank” in it:  check.

Oh and never mind the inconvenient fact that the pigs (no, not humans) died naturally: check. 

And here we thought these folks were all for that “re-use, recycle, reduce”, or some other such dynamic religion.

But then it gets weird and funny, as the CBC or anything that is naked and groundless almost always does:

Notice the ad that appears right beside what would otherwise have been a perfect anti-commerce, pro-animal-welfare, pro-PETA story:  it’s an ad for Macdonald’s wondrous McGriddle, complete with those yummy strips of delicious bacon literally speaking to every cell in my body, sandwiched in between two pancakes and delicious cheese slices. 

No word from PETA on the abhorrent CBC. 

We are so having pork chops tonight.

Oh and as always, for those of you playing at home: no, there are no articles today or this week or this month or possibly in the past year or so on what factually is the most disgusting thing ever thought of by humans, which is human abortions, on the state-media, except where they “lamb basted” Conservatives over the summer for not supporting international abortions with Canadian taxpayer dollars.

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