CBC news’ pre-commercial tease on story re George Bush’s new book: “File this one under FICTION!”


What do we file the state-owned, socialism-reliant, far-left CBC under? 

“File this one under… FICTION!  There’s a dispute over whether where to shelve George Bush’s new book!  We’ll be back with that and much more in a moment!”
— Nancy Wilson, state-owned CBC “news” reporter, just now.

Let’s analyze exactly how somebody looks when they’re spewing this kind of “nuanced” (hi CBC’s Neil Macdonald!) left-wing BS on taxpayer-funded national television “news” media!  Here are a couple of screen captures of the exact moment the CBC “News” anchor teased the notion that George Bush’s new book about his presidency was “fiction”:

And here’s Nancy Wilson’s smug look of self-satisfaction, immediately after advancing that bit of left-wing (albeit “nuanced,” huh Neil?) claptrap:



The story lasted a full two minutes — longer than nearly any news story the CBC is reporting today, and included this intro:

“Some people think the book doesn’t belong in the BIOGRAPHY section! …”

Well who are these “some people” who are so important that the CBC thinks they should dominate the state media’s news, like this?  Well, the reporter on the scene (the scene being yet another state-owned media facility) reported that it was a — get this — “grassroots campaign.”  Clearly not tea party folks, therefore, who, we are told, are “corporate-funded”, “right-wing,” “astro turf,” rather than “grassroots,” over and over.

Yes, it was organized by, and I quote, “student activists” and “peace activists” and —get this —  “blogs”.  Where was the word “EXTREMISTS” or the words “FAR LEFT” in their news story?  Nowhere to be found in their entire two-minute “news” story.  Apparently nothing that any far-leftists or any progressives do can be dubbed “extreme” — or even “left wing”.  The word “extreme” and the political labeling is reserved by the CBC and all liberal-left media like them for grandmas and grandpas and families who attend tea party rallies. 

As what was increasingly obvious to me to be nothing but another advertisement for anti-conservative, left-wing activism disguised as a “news” story progressed, the CBC then deemed it editorially important to hang this graphic (below, as obviously supplied to them or dug up by the intrepid investigative journalists of the state-owned CBC) on the national TV news media screen — for a full 46 seconds.  This hung there, for your convenience, while they read, verbatim, the talking points of the far-left extremists, to the nation.

Note that the CBC didn’t read, verbatim or otherwise, any passages from the number-one best selling book by the former U.S. President — just those of the far-left extremist nut jobs. 

The far-left extremists plan to insert the “bookmarks” (see above, as supplied by the CBC and held there for 46 seconds for your copying needs) into all library and book store copies of Bush’s new book, before physically moving the books to the “crime” section of the library or book store. 

Upon what I’m pretty sure was the pre-staged, pre-scripted prodding by anchor Nancy Wilson, the reporter Michael Serapio then reported that not only that, the far-left Amnesty International and the founded-by-communists ACLU both agree Bush is a “war criminal”.  This, you see, adds an air of legitimacy and authority, they think, to the far-left extremist nut jobs’ planned action — and their “reporting,” I presume. 

This story stunk up my office.  Forgive me if I’m guessing wrong here, but it stunk exactly like a far-left state-owned, socialism-reliant, conservative-hating media ad, carefully designed to aid and abet the left-wing extremists with a free, taxpayer-paid, two-minute commercial on state media, to rouse the left into joining the planned extremists activity. 

I’m so sure Chapters and Indigo and all the libraries will be ever so vigilant, and rush to put a stop to this extremist left-wing action on their premises.  I mean go against the ACLU and Amnesty International —and the CBC?  I doubt it!


  They’ve now changed their pre-commercial tease graphic a bit:  Where it used to read “THE DECIDER IN STORES,” as seen above (apparently they’re ignorant of its real title, “Decision Points”), it now goes ahead and adopts the verbiage of the far-left extremists themselves, “BUSH’S ‘CRIME’ MEMOIR”, under the smug-looking anchor, Kim Brunhuber:

(And by the way, thanks for taking the time to dress up for us, Kim Brunhuber, national state-owned TV news anchor dude.  Same to you, Mr. Michael Sweater Vest Serapio, taxpayer-paid CBC reporter)


As if to help me prove my theory that Nancy Wilson’s additional prodding of the reporter was not spontaneous (as they tried to make it appear because they think you’re so stupid), but rather, as I put it, “pre-staged” and “pre-scripted,” in their 10:45 AM regurgitation of the same anti-Bush story, the new “news” anchor Kim Brunhuber asked the intrepid (and apparently not-at-all-embarrassed) reporter Andrew Nichols the almost identical question about who else thinks George Bush is a “war criminal” (neither the question nor its answer having anything whatsoever to do with the story itself —just stuck in there to help them gain what they think is an air of authority and legitimacy in reporting this complete BS.)  And of course the ever so spontaneous answer from the reporter was exactly the same. 

The CBC.  News by puppets. 


With new anchor Carole McNeil at the anchor desk, EXACTLY THE SAME pre-staged, pre-scripted BS.  EXACTLY THE SAME answer. 

The CBC.  Boring stale news and regurgitated left-wing talking points by glib, smug, talking puppets.


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