Elderly Canadian lady dies in state-run “healthcare” emergency ward after waiting 6 hrs for help

Another state-owned failure: CBC News Network also isn’t all over this story this morning, choosing instead to focus on the latest self-aggrandizing entertainment industry awards wherein the artists award themselves shiny trinkets; and the one about how we’re told that the federal government is failing on the apparent necessity of the government feeding the people food front;  and of course the clamping down on evil (and possibly corporate!) “white collar criminals” front. 

Elderly ER patient dies after 6-hour wait

The family of a Montreal woman who died after waiting six hours in the emergency ward of St-Luc Hospital is filing a complaint against the hospital. 


Her daughter, Fernande Blais, was with de Repentigny in the emergency room and said hospital staff ignored her, despite her complaints of severe stomach pain.

After the initial triage assessment, Blais said, her mother waited six hours without anyone from the hospital checking her condition, during which time her pain became unbearable.

Blais said her mother asked for medicine to help ease the pain but was told to wait her turn. Not long after that, she was pronounced dead.  […]

What happened here?  She was deemed too old to bother with, by someone? 

It seems to me we have a criminal, systemic, and moreover, a progressive cancer growing here, which I diagnose as government failure thanks to liberals and progressives.  But I’m the only one who sees the 900-pound gorilla in the emergency ward.  Not the CBC or its crack squad of investigative journalists or the various other state-owned and state-run operations.

And here is the quintessential indication of failure of big government, which it has been scientifically proven over and over and over again, can’t run a Popsicle stand.  The conclusion to the story about the innocent lady who died waiting for emergency treatment at the universal state-run “healthcare” monopoly system in Canada:

“What the ombudsman is going to do will help understand exactly what happened, but that person has 45 days to do the report, and we have to wait on that report,” Dufresne said.

OK let’s wait.  Because we’re told “we have to”.  “We have to!”  But trust the government.  They are here to save your life.  We have to rely on them.  We’re told we have to! 

So where is the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC and their “investigative journalists” and “senior investigative correspondents” on this systemic, chronic sickness called progressivism, and big government, and disdain for capitalism and competition, and the mammoth failures that result?  They’re at the literary awards filming the dispensation of shiny trinkets to the artists.

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