State-owned CBC/National Post advertising & news co-op today: CBC must bring back puppet show!

At what I credibly call the state-owned CBC/National Post advertising and news cooperative, today online:  a huge article imploring the state-owned, socialism-reliant, left-wing CBC to bring the “Friendly Giant” program back to the taxpayer-paid, state-owned media. 

Because providing the nation with inane children’s puppet shows are a core function of government, dontcha know. 

And besides, given the economic circumstances in which we find ourselves today, the timing is just absolutely spot on.  I can’t think of a better reason for the government to grab more money out of my pocket, or borrow it from the communists in China, nor anything better to blow it on, than this.  Not a thing.  Why by golly I’m surprised they didn’t put this piece on their Financial Post pages!

The bottom line, literally, is the real joke, though, as it finally clues us in on who the author of the piece was. 

HINT:  Look up, waaaay up:

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