State-owned CBC’s “corporate” execs got HUGE bonuses in middle of recession; while laying off staff

It’s weird.  I don’t remember seeing this on the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC’s news reporting today.  Or ever.  Nor on their web site. 

Oh they were sure to report on the bonuses paid to myriad real corporate execs (money not paid by taxpayers but by shareholders).  They, the CBC, were a loud part of the chorus —the symphony — the drumbeat of anti-corporate liberal media outrage perpetuated by the liberal media since well before the recession began.  But they left out this bit among other bits:

Surprise: CBC asked for cash, while laying off workers
Bosses took big bonuses as recession deepened

By Brian Lilley, Parliamentary Bureau
Last Updated: December 3, 2010 5:09pm


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