State-owned CBC executives get perks incl club memberships; and parking? (For their bikes?)

I can’t figure out why the Suzuki-employing, finger-pointing greenies at the CBC, who (through Suzuki but more as a general matter) are constantly badgering us about the “man-made global warming” eviro-crisis/emergency — would provide car allowances and parking fees for their executives.  And why they’d be paid for by taxpayers.  Or anybody

I suggest we buy them donkeys. No I take that back.  I suggest we provide them with a brochure about acquiring their very own donkey with their own after-tax cash which we paid them. That is until we stop paying them at all, which would be retroactive to last Tuesday if I were in charge.

Go to and read reporter Brian Lilley’s article today about the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC’s executive perks.  These are perks paid to the government’s media operation Vice Presidents and other executives of the (quote/unquote) “corporation”.  The VPs are paid between $173,000 and $375,000. There are eight CBC vice presidents.  Once again, that’s eight Vice Presidents.  Who knows how many other “executives” there are. 

By way of reminder, the United States of America has one Vice President. And he is paid $227,300.  Less than CBC Vice Presidents.

CBC bosses take in top line perks
By BRIAN LILLEY, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA – CBC’s top executives are eligible for perks that include having their day care expenses paid, the cost of a home security system covered and having taxpayers pick-up the membership tab at exclusive clubs.

An access to information request asking for records on membership in health, social or private clubs paid for by CBC for their senior executives returned a confusing document with very little detail.


…perks are a monthly car allowance, club memberships, security system/maintenance, child/elder care, health care spending account, registered education savings plan, flexible component of the CBC pension, financial planning and parking.


In response to a question about club memberships paid for by taxpayers, a list of 13 names from the executive ranks was released with the cost of the membership and the type of membership stripped out.


State-owned media is not a core function of government in free, non-communist/socialist countries.  State-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

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