Last week CBC calls a socialist think tank “non-partisan”: today, calls Fraser Inst. “conservative”

Even as I was writing my blog entry last week about the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC’s abysmally biased, tendentious reporting when it comes to their reporting of political news out of their beloved Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, I was waiting with bated breath for their next report which involved the Fraser Institute, so I could show you once again, for the 8,000th time, how they glibly propagandize Canadians. 

I didn’t have to wait long! 

(Go and read that blog entry.  It spells it all out for you:  why the CBC does this, how they do it, and so on.  I think it’s important to know.  You do want to “know more, and know now”, as the CBC purports that you should do and can do thanks only to them and their great benevolence and honesty, don’t you?)

To be precise, the state news and political opinion broadcaster said this, just last week.  It was in the online version of their TV news channel story, in describing the far-left Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, around whose latest report about the “rich” not paying their fair share of taxes (yaddah), the CBC built a huge news story: 

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is an independent, non-partisan research group focused on issues of social and economic justice.

Of course the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives is where the “Alternative” is socialism.  The socialism-reliant state broadcaster failed to mention the word “socialism” once, either on air or online. 

But yesterday, in reporting about the Fraser Institute’s latest report about our “healthcare” system’s increasing wait times, they were sure to call the Fraser Institute a “conservative” think-tank. 

Of course the good Fraser Institute is not “conservative” as much as it is “normal Canadian,” but more to the point, the CBC chose to politically label the normal Canadian Fraser Institute, and chose to not attach any political label to a socialist group — in fact going so far as to inform Canadians that they’re “independent” and “non-partisan,” which is to me a risible attempt at a head-fake, at best.  It’s an outright lie at worst, in its omission of pertinent facts and in its inconsistency in providing political labels and details, which you should indeed “know”, and “know now.” 

Instead of trying to fake-out Canadians, they should have identified the socialists as, say, “socialists”, or more accurately, “radical fringe leftists”, or some such thing. 

But then the CBC gets away with calling itself a “corporation,” and although it’s 100% state-owned and it’s taxpayer-funded, competes against citizens in the otherwise free market in business for profits, and for attention and audience, and in the forum of ideas and politics.  And what kind of government does that?  A “conservative” one?  Of course not.

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