State-owned soclialism-reliant CBC sells kiddy shirt emblazoned with CBC/happy-face “corporate” logo


I say the you’ve got to be kidding party (and not merely a few Liberals), wherein they consistently refuse to use the word “socialism” to describe how they plan to fundamentally transform Canada — simply represents socialism with a happy face

But you’ve also heard people say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here’s one of the state-owned, socialism-reliant state media CBC’s “holiday” offerings.  It’s red.  Features the state-owned “corporation’s” logo with a smiley-happy-face right there in the middle.  It’s for the kids:

“CBC Kids’ Red Gem t-shirt”
Description:  “Kids CBC Red t-shirt with the Kids CBC Logo on the front.”

If that happy face on the state-owned, socialism-reliant media T-shirt for babies doesn’t creep you out, you just might be a socialist. 

The funny thing is, as a capitalist, I refuse to wear, for free, shirts or hats with real, actual corporate logos on them, as all socialists would also of course refuse to do.  I certainly wouldn’t purchase a shirt or hat with a corporate logo on it.  Socialists go further and hate that McDonald’s sells Happy Meals to kids and “gets them addicted” (it’s not any addiction to the food, necessarily, that they worry about since they all eat it — it’s the potential addiction to what they call the nefarious “corporate culture” that so concerns them); and they detest other companies marketing anything to their impressionable children.  But they apparently have no problem with their children wearing a shirt emblazoned with a state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC “corporate” logo.  With a children’s smiley face on it, yet.  In red.  And pay for it.  On the state-owned web site. 

This is the CREEPY PROGRESSIVE GIFT OF THE “HOLIDAY” (as the CBC calls it) SEASON, so far.

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