Today in Idiocy: CBC anchor mocks Lib MP McGuinty over bizarre death penalty/Harper triangulations

For once, there is a glimmer of CBC not being the idiotic party.  But just a glimmer, lasting only a moment. 

“If Mr. Harper [then, play-acting for the cameras, after that long introduction, he inserts a long pause, as if to make out like he’s actually being “intellectual” and “pensive” and really “thinking” this thing through]  …  is genuinely [inserts another pause] … in favor of capital punishment [inserts another long dramatic pause]  …then [inserts theatrical pause]  … he should say so…”

That was Federal Liberal Member of Parliament representing Ottawa South, David (“I’m a walking logical fallacy!”) McGuinty (he’s a lawyer!), this morning.  He was getting inexplicable face-time on the state-owned CBC TV News (channel 502 on my dial), offering his bizarre, anti-lucid critique of just another excruciatingly boring CBC News interview (boring thanks to the ever exciting Knowlton Nash, or Peter Mansbridge, or whomever it was at the progressives’ CBC News division — I could barely stay awake to watch the tape), with the Prime Minister last night.   

Actually, if McGuinty was unlike me and was awake, and paying attention, Mr. Harper did say just exactly what his own personal thinking was on the topic.  But apparently he was speaking too quickly for McGuinty.

McGuinty spent most of his face-time today playing to the cameras with his giant progressive noggin nearly falling right off his neck, as he cocked it over with such acute angularity that it actually hurt my own neck. As seen at left.

The ever so honorable Liberal MP Mr. McGuinty, who, in light of this giant example of fallacious logic, is ironically also the Liberal House Leader and should know far, far better, kept digging, notwithstanding his already having hit rock bottom, politically, intellectually, and in ever which way:

[momentous pause to enable all of us to catch up with the ingenuity of his calculations] …and he should bring a bill to the floor of the House of Commons [long pause so we could catch our breath]  …so he can lend credence to his beliefs.  [huge pause now, strictly for, well, nuttin’] …If on the other hand his beliefs are being held in check [pause]  …because he’s in a minority government situation [pause, followed by more pause] …then he needs to explain that!” 

Phew.  Allow us to clear our brains and sort this out!  Coffee break please!  OK.  Now.  Huh?  What preposterous, fallacious bunkum

The very idea that the reporters on the scene didn’t jump at the chance to jump all over this guy for this hideous piece of work, including his assuming that they (and by extension all Canadians) are complete idiots, reveals that maybe the reporters who were there are in fact idiots (or progressives… or both).

But after playing that ridiculous clip, which in and of itself gives what he said credibility, amazingly, the crack CBC reporter on the scene, Rosemary Barton, went so far as to quip that that’s not exactly what the Prime Minister just said in their previously played clip regarding the gratuitous question asked by Knowlton Nash or whomever with regard to the death penalty.  She didn’t question the absurdity —the substance or bizarre, illogical triangulation contained within what he just said.

BARTON: “Now that’s not exactly what the Prime Minister said of course —he didn’t say that he was holding those beliefs in check because he had a minority and not a majority, he said that in certain situations, he believed that that was the right decision.”

To my great relief, Carol McNeil, CBC News anchor, after Barton got through her obfuscation in which, rather than targeting McGuinty’s lunacy, quickly moved on to questions of whether there might be an election this year, chimed in:

McNEIL: “Alright so I’m just wondering — the Liberals are saying, so every personal belief that a leader has, they should bring a bill to the floor?  Based on that personal belief?”

Her tone was that of someone who was bemused and slightly amazed at the possible lunacy surrounding her. 

Reporter Barton, whose report we just heard included tape of Liberal MP saying all that, unquestioned by her or any one of the other crack reporters on the new “death penalty” caper, responded with this (as if caught off-guard by McNeil’s pointy amusement):

BARTON: “I think that would be a really good question to ask them!  Because that’s probably not how you implement policy!  But that’s sure what it sounded like when you heard Mr. McGuinty speak there!”


Barton, the Ottawa/government/politics reporter, thinks it would have been “a great question” to have asked him, unfortunately she was, for some weird inexplicable reason, incapable of hitting him with that question at the time.  Perhaps they were mesmerized by all those dramatic pauses. 

And it will always be thus. McGuinty will never, ever be asked to explain his idiocy, not by her, not by any liberal-left/progressivism-advocating media. Even though it’s a “really good question.” 

Of course there are lots of other “really good questions” to ask Liberals, and even more of the you’ve got to be kidding party, such as, “Are you not kidding?”  Nobody ever asks that question of any progressives.  Why?  Well that, too, is a really good question.

For their part, the you’ve got to be kidding party is embarking on some massive, hideously transparently fake outrage based on the idea that the Prime Minister dared to even begin to talk about capital punishment (it’s like talking pro-life, to them, only weirdly the opposite) since even talking about it gives it “credibility”.  This is much the same way that the progressive, liberal-left media even mentioning the “NDP” gives it undue credibility which it doesn’t deserve in an educated, sensible, intellectually sound society.  The NDP choose to just work it to ignore that in fact, their man Knowlton had gratuitously asked the PM the question, and the PM merely responded.  They know that is the case.  But the you’ve got to be kidding party is not outraged at their yummy CBC, they’re outraged at Harper.  So the NDP is playing the politics of total idiocy, as well.  And the media doesn’t question any of it, either. Even though it would be another “really good question”.

It must be Wednesday.


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