State-owned CBC set to fight Conservative Party over use of CBC video in campaign ads

The 'C' doesn't stand for 'Conservative'! Please don't make that mistake!

Good one! 

I liked this first bit in the news story this morning, which doesn’t seem to be covered at all at the state-owned news media this morning:

CBC, Tories poised to battle over Tory ads
By ALTHIA RAJ, Parliamentary Bureau

“The CBC says use of its content by any political party puts at risk its neutrality by implying the public broadcaster has endorsed a party or its position.”

Well I’m just so sure people will confuse the CBC for being a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada. 

It might “put at risk its neutrality”…. oh my.  Folks might think it “endorsed a party” (the conservatives!) …  “or its positions”…. dear God they’re hilarious. 

Then the CBC amuses us some more by employing the term “moral rights”.  The CBC, as we know, are all about the “morals”.  For example, they love the Moral Majority. 

“CBC/Radio-Canada material is protected by copyright, including the moral rights attached to it,” CBC VP Bill Chambers wrote to all the parties. “We rely on this protection to ensure that our content is not distorted, or used in a way which undermines our reputation as a trusted and independent source for information.”

Oh that’s just fantastic.  They should start another new bomb of a sitcom and call it “Little Whiny Socialism-Reliant State Media on the Baron Tundra Acting Like They’re a Legitimate Corporation”.

Unlike me, who did not have millions of dollars sitting in bank accounts with which to launch a defense when the state media goons sent legal papers to my house, the Conservative Party will not back down.

The Conservative Party, however, is refusing to change the ads.

But I love this last line, which shows there could be a dual between a branch of government (the CBC), and the Conservative Party which is in government and to whom the CBC directly reports and is funded. 

CBC spokesman Marco Dube said CBC was “looking at our options” if the questionable content wasn

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