“ATTACK WATCH,” um, watch.

The good news for America is that I laughed.  That’s pretty bad news for President Obama. Like I care.

Yes I laughed out loud when I woke this morning to hear about the increasingly Orwellian President Obama and his cabal of increasingly paranoid and downright Orwellian Obamaton campaign thugs setting up a replacement for the now-disgraced and more-or-less dismantled big brother effort at “monitoring” and refuting the great Obama via “his” .gov web site. That effort was where folks  —  Obama’s politically-supporting folks only, quite clearly  —  were supposed to dispatch secret emails to “flag@whitehouse.gov” and report on fellow Americans for (what they called) spreading misinformation about the great Obama.  Seriously. No you might not have heard about that.

You see, as long as it wasn’t Booosh doing it, it was just fine with all liberals and their mainstream media.  President Bush was, you’ll remember, “destroying civil liberties” with his Patriot Act, and “spying on Americans” and “zapping freedom” and was kinda like a Nazi, ‘n stuff. (And a “cowboy.”) (And a “moron.”) (And a “war criminal.”) (Yadda)

So today we have the troubling new Big Brother Obama effort called AttackWatch, which has utterly nothing to do with being a patriot, nor saving the country from terrorist attacks, nor even protecting America.  It’s just designed to protect, save and pat Obama’s butt.

Here’s the happy friendly form you’re supposed to fill out at the all-black web site, asking for the “Content of attack or link” and the “Attack type” (which includes TV Interview, Public Statement, Rumor, TV Ad, Video Ad, Radio Ad, Robocall, Website/Blog, and yes, even Forwarded Email):

This time it’s hidden under the guise of his freakish “Obama For America” web site  —  complete with all those Orwellian Obama orbs.Obama Orb

Everything about the AttackWatch.com web site is creepy and ominous and ghoulish. It’s all black, with touches of blood red.

They even have a Twitter account which tweets ominous warnings and suggestions all day long.  And they created their own #attackwatch hashtag, which is mostly now being used by my conservative Twitter friends to mock the hell out of it all, and making me laugh uproariously.

In and of itself the whole concept wouldn’t be quite as bad if they didn’t make it all so morbid; and moreover, if it weren’t created by what are essentially the representatives and advisers of the President of the United States.

And if they  —  the Obama White House  —  didn’t already have a bad record of being such ominous, paranoid, Orwellian thugs. And if, to continue with examples, the button you’re supposed to click when you’re done tattling on your fellow Americans for disagreeing with Obama, was labeled not “enter” or “done,” instead of “Report,” and if the “Report” didn’t go to President Obama’s team of creepy political thugs.  Who work for and in and around the President of the United States and the U.S. government. And in Obama’s election campaign. (Often the distinction between which is confusing at best).

But even as the laughter continued, I stumbled across a YouTube video which mocked the crap out of AttackWatch, and which must surely be under investigation by the thugs at AttackWatch.  Which makes it even funnier!

Waatch it!  It’s the laugh of the week.


And speaking of creepy Orwellian big-brother-like orbs, and in only slightly related news, I, as a citizen (of Canada, where my computer is currently plugged-in), am in the process of creating a new web site called CBCwatch.ca, which will monitor and allow public discussion of that left-wing, anti-conservative, anti-American, state-owned, socialism-reliant Canadian media organization and its multiple media and other offshoots  — called the CBC.

There is, in case you liberals can’t figure it all out, a slight difference between a citizen “watching” the government and its state-run “corporations” which compete against its own citizens, and which is anti-almost everything I stand for politically and culturally, and the government or its political thugs watching innocent citizens who simply disagree with it.

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