PTBC target, state-run CBC’s “ZED” program: CANCELLED

I’ll happily take some of the credit for bringing the horrendously ridiculous “ZeD” program and its big haYUGE multi-taxpayer dollar web site (complete with blog!) to the attention of Canadians; and now to its demise.  Yes, cancellation

Canadians were outraged about that show and one of the films they chose to feature for us and our kids, as I certainly found out after posting my blog entry and crashing our server as a result of all the hits, and after having heard from a lot of people.  And in next year’s CBC “Ombudsman” report, I expect we’ll find a lot of people made serious complaints to the state-run CBC thanks to us. 

ZeD state-employed panelist is pointing at her brainI brought “ZeD” up a few times but one entry back in February of this year hit a big nerve —not to be confused with the CBC’s perverted and depraved “Nerve” program which I also exposed and which was also cancelled.  Nerve featured videos ranging from boys getting their testicles waxed, to drug-laden girls pulling pickles out of their anuses.  (Also see LifeSite article about my “Nerve” blog entry).

The “ZeD”-related entry that caught a lot of attention was the one blog entry exposing the salacious film “Cashback”, which is filled with full-frontal nudity, and which was shown unedited on the publicly-funded state-run media —not only on their late-night “ZeD” show on their 8,999 state-run CBC television stations, but also featured on their “ZeD” state-run web site for all the kids to see at any time of the day. 

It’s still there as of this morning, despite the show being cancelled.  It features fully naked women (only) with shaved pubic regions in close-up view from the back and front.  It’s great for the kids!  It must have been important for Canadians to see because you paid for it to be shown on the state-run media with your tax dollars.  For that matter they still see it as important to see since they leave it there for you to see. 

Here’s the story from the Canadian Media Build—which you should note is a union representing CBC staff.

In-house TV production suffers another blow at CBC

The Canadian Media Guild is disappointed in the decision by CBC management to cancel the award-winning, innovative late-night programme ZeD TV at the end of this season. The programme, which also had a strong internet presence, piqued the interest of broadcasters around the world. Six jobs will be lost as a result of the cancellation and no replacement show has been announced. […]

But a quote from the Vice-President of the state-run media struck me:

CBC TV vice president Richard Stursberg described his network strategy in the recent issue of Playback: “While CBC is a Crown corporation and therefore not operating for profit, our programming still must reach Canadians in large numbers to be viable creatively and financially. It makes no sense for us to commit hundreds of thousands of dollars in licence fees and promotional expenditures on programs that are not appealing to significant numbers of Canadians.

First of all, they cost us not “hundreds of thousands of dollars” but a BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR.  And secondly, absolutely nothing on the state-run CBC television network, except maybe hockey which isn’t theirs, appeals to “significant numbers of Canadians”, as I’ve proven here at PTBC over and over again with my numerous ratings charts.  Therefore the CBC makes no sense —by their Vice-President’s own words.  Period. 

The CBC and all state-run media should be against the law, and that principle should be enshrined in our Constitution.

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