Taxpayer-funded CBC star stars in sex romp

Sook-Yin Lee is a former Much Music VJ and now host of a state-run CBC radio show (and possible Governor-General someday!).  The show is called Definitely Not the Opera, which is definitely not on my radar screen.  The program starts at 1:00 and ends at 4:30.  Yes that’s right, three and a half hours of brilliant taxpayer-funded official state programming.  It turns out I have some reading to do during that time.  The funnies, The New York Times, cereal boxes—anything.

Her bio at the massive multi-gazzillion-dollar taxpayer-funded web site devoted to her show and her show alone, says this about her:

Sook-Yin Lee is widely known throughout Canada as a gifted musician, actor, filmmaker, television host and producer. She first garnered national attention as the lead singer of the influential Vancouver alternative band Bob’s Your Uncle…

… which got me thinking that I’m pretty out of touch and I should read the news even more than I do, because I don’t know a Sook-Yin Lee from a stick of gum.  I looked her up on Wikipedia, and the bottom line is that she’s a “bisexual”.  No I mean literally the last line in the article is “Lee has also identified as bisexual.”

Listen to this MP3 (link from multi-gazzillion-dollar people’s web site) of a past show.  Embrace how it’s obviously a taxpayer necessity!  More important than anything like fighting “George Bush’s” (™ Toronto Star) “so-called” (™ CBC) war on terror!  And tell me, as you’re listening, that I’m wrong about my oft-repeated warning about becoming dumber by the second as you listen to or watch the state-run CBC. 

Click to listen

Now, according to a Toronto Star article, the stick of taxpayer-employed gum is starring in a pornographic movie.  Well actually of course the Toronto Star doesn’t call it pornographic—I don’t know what it would take for them to do that—but they do admit: CBC host in sex-filled role, in their headline. 

Sofia, the orgasm-challenged “relationship counsellor” played by Lee is not only seen having vigorously athletic real sex with her husband (played by Raphael Barker), she also engages in various forms of auto-erotic stimulation to try to get past the portals of the big O.

I think “the big O” is an orgasm, which is what is at the heart of liberal thinking on most every matter.  And also at the heart of every liberal’s thinking is that the U.S. President is a Republican and he’s trying to run a theocracy, Iran-style, down there.  “In America today, there is a theocratic repression of sex,” says the director of the film.  Well of course there is.  Of course there is. 

In an article written by New York Times writer Dinitia Smith on the web site, they headline their article about it thusly: A movie full of sex, nothing simulated

The working title of Mitchell’s film is “Shortbus,” from the name of a salon where the characters meet to give readings and performances, and sometimes to have public sex. It is modeled on real-life salons in Downtown Manhattan.

[…] “Escorting is the new temp job,” Mitchell [the director] said. The story features a dominatrix who lives in a ministorage unit because she can’t afford an apartment, a sex therapist who can’t have an orgasm and a gay man who feels trapped in his relationship. They attend the salon “to find redemption,” he said.

[…]  Sook-Yin Lee, host of an arts show on the Canadian Broadcasting System, is playing the sex therapist. Lindsay Beamish, an actress and dancer, is the dominatrix. Paul Dawson, an actor and writer, plays the gay man.

Who’d have thought the movie would have a sex-crazed sex therapist, a dominatrix, and a gay man, what with all the “theocratic repression of sex”?

[…] When Mitchell sent out a casting call asking people to send in videos describing their sex lives, he got 500 submissions. Some people had sex on their videos. Only a “smattering” were porn stars, he said, adding, “They trusted I wasn’t doing something sordid because of ‘Hedwig.’ ” So far, only the men have had real sex in the film’s long-running rehearsals, Mitchell said. “These gay men will have sex at the drop of a hat.”

As for himself? “I’m totally not a public sex person,” Mitchell said.

At the moment the script calls for Sofia, the sex therapist, to have an unsuccessful sexual encounter with her boyfriend, and to masturbate on camera. “It’s rather moving,” Mitchell said. “It’s in Central Park in winter.” Sian, the dominatrix, witnesses another character masturbating. The script is still evolving, he said.

One day recently, rehearsals were held in the bedroom of one of the producers – in Howard Gertler’s, apartment in Williamsburg. Sian, the dominatrix and Sofia, the sex therapist, meet in a sensory deprivation tank to discuss Sofia’s problems having an orgasm.

Sian: “So, you’re a sex therapist?”

Sofia: “I prefer the term ‘couples’ counselor.’ “

Sian: “But you’ve never had an orgasm?”

Sofia: “I’m an idiot savant.’ “

Mitchell said: “Trying to get an orgasm for two hours every way she can is farcical at times. But if you look at the underpinnings of the search, there is poignancy and pathos.”

Lee said she was prepared to have sex on camera if necessary. Her boyfriend has no objection, “‘cause he trusts me,” she said, adding: “John is a fantastic creator. This is a gift.”

Beamish, however, said, “I have no desire to have sex on screen.” The reason: “I think I’m an ugly cow.” And her boyfriend also objects. Still, she said, “acting-wise, aside from the sex, this is by far the best project I have ever had.”

Better than the CBC gig, even, apparently. 

In an earlier venture, the state-run media’s Sook-Yin Lee directed a film lebian-oriented film called Girl Cleans Sink.  Plot Outline: “A lonely couple meet in a Laundromat, where their clumsy attempt at a sexual liaison leads to revelations, embarrassments, and a little bit of compassion.”  The London (U.K.) Lesbian and Gay Film Festival web site wrotes:  “Lesbian life is getting our heroine down. Will she resort to boys?” 

She also directed “Five Feminist Minutes” a project of the state-run National Film Board of Canada (your tax dollars at work….. again!) and described as “A collection of short films by Canadian women that display an awareness of the feminism of social injustice and everyday life.”

The CBC is the depraved taxpayer-funded media outfit that features on its taxpayer-funded web site, to this day, available to all the kids anytime, a flick called “Cashback”, which is devoted to full-frontal female nudity including close-ups from bare front and bare rear of shaved vaginas (blogged here), which as it turns out is a favorite theme of the CBC, which also features a film called “Ball Waxer”, about a boy/young man whom they show, on taxpayer-funded video tape available to all the kids anytime, getting his testicles waxed at a testicle-waxing parlour.  I wrote about that here.

Vote liberal. 

(Hat tip to conservativegal for the Toronto Star article)


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