CBC anchor lets hideous Liberal Party obsessed Freudian slip (?) pass



State employed state-run news media anchor (and I use the term “anchor” advisedly) Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson just interviewed another fantastic liberal’s liberal on the, um let me see:  I believe they call it the “quagmire”, “unwinnable”, “disaster”, “hellacious mess”, and “screwed-up yucky-poo” in Afghanistan. 

But at least it’s courageous of Liberal Party leadership contender Michael Ignatieff to support our mission there.  Yes, that’s what we were told by the expert, gratuitously.

The CBC liberal-finders managed to find a fella from another country who has written a book about the Afghanistan war!  A book!  Imagine that.  A book.  Called “The Places In Between”.  You know it’s usable by the CBC because (a) he doesn’t speak highly of President Bush or Prime Minister Stephen Harper (if he even knows that’s who our Prime Minister is); and (b) the New York Times reviewed it even though it’s not on their best-seller list.  Release: May 2006.  Reviewed: June 2006.  (By way of comparison, Ann Coulter who has written five smash hit best-sellers, would never be interviewed on CBC because the CBC is all about self-preservation.  But her fifth New York Times best-seller, “GODLESS”, like her other smash hits, have not yet been reviewed by the New York Times, despite “GODLESS”, her fifth New York Times best-seller still being on their own best-seller list four months after its release).

Here’s what I heard moments ago on the state-run CBC Newsworld broadcast for our official Canadian state learning and liberal politics indoctrination purposes:

Rory Stewart: I don’t think people’s motives for attacking us are really economic.  In some ways the economy in southern Afghanistan has done quite well through the black economy and through the drug [incomprehensible] I mean people are much wealthier than they were generally four or five years ago.

Nancy Wilson: Very interesting…

Rory Stewart: On the other hand I believe that Michael Ignatieff has been very courageous in Canada in supporting, uh, the Canadian troop presence.  I do think continuing foreign troop presence is going to be a very important part of trying to find a solution.

What I’m saying is that on its own it’s not going to be enough and the most important move now is for the Afghan government to engage in political negotiation, with representative leaders from, with these opposition groups including the Taliban.

Nancy Wilson: Very interesting… Rory Stewart good to talk to you.  Thanks so much for your observations today.

Rory Stewart: Thanks you very much indeed.

That Ignatieff has been very courageous.  Layton is just being “normal” I presume, what with his calling for negotiations with his Taliban division over there.  Prime Minister Harper is a non-issue.  He’s a conservative, silly!

Why didn’t Wilson ask for clarification?  That’s among the things I find “very interesting”.

I have a good antidote to what I think is the horrible journalism we find at the CBC.  It is of course Fox News Channel.  And it took only a little while before I found a GREAT example of what I expect in contradistinction to this example here.  I made a separate blog entry later this day to explain that (with video).

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