VIDEO: How Fox News Channel confronts political spin, compared to how CBC doesn’t

Of course the Canadian liberal mainstream media certainly controls it when it’s from conservatives.  But from liberals?  No, no they don’t.  In fact they propagate it.

Here’s how I expect news anchors to deal with spinmeisters who just can’t shut up and can’t stick to the question at hand without moving the goal posts (usually liberals), or who choose instead to use their airtime to obfuscate (usually liberals), filibuster (usually liberals), lie (usually liberals), lecture (usually liberals), promote secular progressive tripe and liberal-left fundamentalism (always liberals), “let slip” certain juicy self-serving details (usually liberals), and so on. 

It’s particularly galling when it’s from the state-run news media, the CBC, and the anchor just sits there, well, like an actual anchor in a big old rusty red ship which is sinking, as I blogged earlier this morning.

Therefore our How To Control Political Spin – 101 lesson for the CBC “news” anchors today is from Fox News Channel!  What a massive surprise!  Yes what a shock that that’s where we’d learn how fair and balanced journalism is actually done, rather than from, say, the ridiculously far-liberal-left totally biased state-run CBC. 

And no—it’s not even from “the only no-spin zone”, which is of course the excellent Bill O’Reilly’s O’Reilly Factor show, it’s from Studio B with Shepard Smith. 

Click it once or twice to make it play (it’s under 3 minutes)

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