Major CDN business icon: “Indisputable anti-American bias” at CBC.

Or to put it another way:  Duh.

A reader named Dave wrote me with this good catch from the Globe and Mail’s “business” web site,, in a little corner written by Patricia Best, yesterday.  Neatly tucked away there.  Seen nowhere else.  And never will be. 

I happened upon the article below in the Globe.  I like the way Munk puts it.  It’s nice to also see complaints about the CBC bias coming from respected business leaders.  Even so, it wasn’t widely reported by the MSM—surprise, surprise.

MUNK’S MAD AS HELL Peter Munk, Barrick Gold’s public policy analyst in residence, is mighty riled. Last week, Mr. Munk saw a piece on the CBC news on a controversial new law regarding the detention of terrorism suspects in the U.S. Mr. Munk felt—strongly—that the CBC was biased in its presentation. He fired off a letter to Tony Burman, editor-in-chief of CBC News.. “What has happened to the truly independent and famously objective CBC that they are now trying to foster an indisputable anti-American bias that can only harm Canada and Canadians?” Mr. Munk wrote. Mr. Burman did not respond to a request for comment.

I have to wonder if Mr. Munk wasn’t being just a little funny and sardonic when he called the state-run CBC “the truly independent and famously objective CBC”.  I mean it made me laugh.

But here’s a major Canadian business executive, a Canadian pioneer actually, and a Canadian corporate icon if ever there was one.  (Ahh.  Herein may lay the problem!) 

He’s a man who holds no less than SIX honorary doctorates.  He was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1993; received The Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship in 2002 (the first time awarded in Canada); has been inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.

He’s no slouch.  And yet the elite CBC brass (this is a play on metals and minerals with an emphasis on the ass) doesn’t see fit to address the matter. 

Here’s the rub, perhaps:  Aside from being an advocate of private enterprise unlike the state-run socialist CBC and all their far-left agenda-driven minions, Mr. Munk has been known to be pals with Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (Progressive Conservative), and with former U.S. President George H.W. Bush (also a sort of moderate conservative).  To the leftist CBC, that’s not gold, that’s poison.

And I’ll use this opportunity to once again remind readers that state-run and state-owned media should obviously be banned in this country, and enshrined in our Constitution as such.

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