CBC negates the positive of proud Canadian (Harper!) honor

Our Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was honored as few Canadian Prime Ministers —or any Canadians —have been, last night.  He accepted an award named after an “American-style” president, Woodrow Wilson.  That ain’t liberal.  Oops.  Actually he was a Democrat.  Therefore the CBC will have covered it.  Yes they did—I checked.  Naturally, they headlined it: “Death toll of soldiers in Afghanistan is price of leadership: Harper”. 

Choosing their words carefully, using words like “death” and “toll” in order to cast in as negative a shadow as humanly possible on this otherwise happy, proud, honorable event, the CBC once again out-does itself in displaying its hideous anti-conservative, anti-Harper bias.    Even when our Canadian Prime Minister is being honored in the name of a Democrat. 

The first two paragraphs laid bare the hideous inability of the state-run news agency to even tell a simple story without being abject biased asses.  The obvious goal here:  Take away from the real story because it’s positive.  Turn it on its head and make it negative. 

In this story about Prime Minister Harper receiving that great honor, by the third paragraph, the CBC’s abject hate-on for Harper was already starting to leak out, and by the fourth, they felt the compulsion to gratuitously remind Canadians yet again, in this article about this great honor, thusly:

Thirty-nine Canadian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since Canada first sent troops there in early 2002.


It’s a wonder they didn’t call him “petulant”, but I guess that would have been ironic. 

Then, oh happy day, they whipped off one little paragraph with two quotes from Harper…. followed immediately with this: 

Harper, who was in Calgary to receive the Woodrow Wilson Award for public service, made his comments as the bodies of two Canadian soldiers were making their way back home to Canada.

It’s like a sickness, really.  They’re pathologically biased and full of hate for anything not liberal-far-left.  It’s beyond repair really, and they almost seem to be reaching out and trying to tell us all that.  Like they need to be put out of their misery because it’s too much for them. 

And then, you see, the next paragraph was also about the dead soldiers, not the honor.  And so was the next paragraph after that.  Remember, this was an article about a Canadian Prime Minister receiving a great honor

The last paragraph of the article about the great honor for Canada was this:

They were the 38th and 39th Canadian soldiers to die in Afghanistan since Canada first sent troops to the troubled country in early 2002.

Dear God.  Please let me stop paying for this. 

But if you can ignore the hateful CBC’s lament, some of his many notable quotes which made me feel extremely ProudToBeCanadian (found at National Post, a private enterprise):

“As proud citizens, [Canadians] don’t want a Canada that just goes along; they want a want a Canada that leads, they want a Canada that doesn’t just criticize, but one that can contribute.”

“They want a Canada that reflects their values and interests, and that punches above its weight.”

“We must have more. We must also have guiding values and interests as a country on which we are prepared to act. And we must have the capabilities to act according to those priorities.”

“We must be committed and capable of protecting our vital interests, projecting our values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and preserving balance and fairness in the international forums to which we belong.”

Our Prime Minister also properly used the opportunity to speak about our national mission in Afghanistan. 

He said that Canadian troops were helping to free that country from the bondage of the Taliban. “Some might say that’s not Canada’s problem,” he said. “Well it is.”

The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars of the Smithsonian Institute said it was paying “special tribute to the attention Mr. Harper has given to international relations throughout his career.”

Let me remind readers that clearly, more clearly every day, state-run and state-owned media should be banned in this country, and it should be enshrined in our Constitution as such.

Coincidentally, I just blogged this morning about another great Canadian who received that award in his lifetime. 

With info from National Post


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